5 game Silver day

  • @MickTurbo Oyarzarbal been on my list of possibles for a while, with the crazy increases on match days this week, ive bit the bullet and bought a few this morning. Fomo got the better of me haha.

  • @Ole-ole been sorely tempted to list or even IS some players to raise the cash for 300 but ive resisted. If he bangs a hat trick in and takes star man with 300+ then so be it, I've made far more rapid gains showing discipline recently than by succumbing to FOMO in the past, but something tells me this ones gonna bite me. Think I'll have a bet on him to score first as that's likely to be the GWG

  • Looking out for Kamano. Like Skov he’s a ‘forward’ playing an attacking wing back role. Narrowly missed out on a big PB win last game. 74p

    Interested to see Kramaric and Berardi too, and Orsolini. Looks a good night actually.

  • Skov and Hubner

  • Christophe Herelle is my wish!

  • @janner73 How far do you think Berardi can go this season? I’ve carried him from 55p and tonight was my exit point when he was £2. Thought he may reach £2.10 for tonight but nothing of the sort. Lots of traders must have been thinking the same given he’s fell ahead of a 5 game double!

  • Big holds:
    Zaldua rb Sociedad
    Stafylidis lb Hoffenheim
    Atal rb/rw Nice
    Adli am Bordeaux
    Denswil cb Bologna
    Januzaj am Sociedad

    Cheeky little holds (divs bought them in odd amounts)
    Cyprien cm Nice (wish i had more!)
    Aarons rb Norwhich (is he fit?)
    Oyarzabal am/fwd Sociedad (wish i had more!)

    So mostly hoping for 1-0 wins with my defenders scoring and my ams setting them up.

  • Denswil, Geiger and Kamano for me.

    Yacine Adli injured apparently

  • Oyazerbal, good Spain fixtures coming up aswell.

    I really think he will be one of the next ‘well’ known players to sail pass £3 with a decent pb score, may not be tonight but will happen.

  • Tonight I'm seeing an opportunity for Pukki to end his goal drought. I bought in last week with this fixture in mind. Its got to end sometime right? I know Norwich are bad but Watford are dog turd right now!

    Also, Finland have two almost dead cert wins next week and I imagine pukki will be on the score sheet in at least one of them.

    Could this post be described as a pump? ;)

  • @ScouseSte only as much as me saying that Zaldua put 6 crosses in away to Granada in his last match, his 3 previous base scores from a full 90 mins (he was rested vs Levante) are 114,136,126. Any goal action, clean sheet, more crosses on top of a decent base tonight could sneak a pb, home to bottom of the league. But guess you never know, Denswil may spray the ball around all night and score a header...

  • @Westy or me saying..

    Portu ⛽ 🚀
    Berardi ⛽ ⛽ ⛽ 🚀 🚀 🚀

  • @Vespasian32 christ, you've got emojis...

    If Zaldua does something, i will find the rocket buttons!

  • @Westy Portu up another penny since my post. Get the emojis out.

  • Only player ive got tonight is Isak so id love to see him start

  • @MickTurbo Even if he does have a fantastic game, im sure there will be other opportunities to buy in, I was late to the Hakimi party, too busy rebuying Trent haha..

  • Just Cyprien for me tonight, won’t bother pumping him though! Fancy the winner may come from Sociedad sadly, think Nice will not have enough of the ball for a big willy win

  • Think Skov for star player tonight

  • Portu on 0 after 35 mins ☺ gona turn it around.

    Makes me wonder how reliable pb is... When MB used to be a thing and I was checking the scores etc there were mistakes every day and it was obvious. Can't really check pb?!

  • Still on 0 10 mins after a header cleared off the line. No pts for shot on target?


    Doesn't seem right and now he's being dumped en masse due to live pb score

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