Newbie questions

  • Hello all.

    A few weeks ago I saw and advertisement of FI in the tube and when I got home read about and decide to give it a go.

    Did my own research and decided (wrongly) to invest in goalkeepers.

    Started reading posts here and listening to podcasts. I have a few questions that you might help me with.

    I am willing to invest around 30£ per week. With such a low investment I would say I should look for IPD instead of PB, correct?

    So I started looking for younger promising players but then I found out that a lot of these players are not on FI yet.

    Should I look into sub 30p market?

    Kind of lost now.

  • @Zedias85 Too broad of a statement. You're not going to get a straight answer, essentially you're asking someone to break down their whole FI strategy, which isn't going to happen. Go do some proper research then come back. I spent about a month before ploughing money in. Subscribe to Index Gains, you can get half price subscription on first month, it shows you graphs of player performances and who's earned dividends.

  • @FairlyNewUser Thank you for your reply.

    I didn't made myself very clear. I'm not looking for other people strategies but to understand if with such a low investment it's possible to have fun and some return.

  • @Zedias85 Basically yes. If you pick the right player / players then the possible % return is always the same.
    You say circa £30 per week...but that's circa £120 per month.
    I'd probably look into 1 player per week with your £30 per week investment. Chose some one who can give you the PB wins / high scores to compete. I'd probably be looking at between £2 - £3 players one jump on 1 player a week.
    High scoring wing backs and midfielders personally.
    Also, grab a couple of injured players along the way.

  • @Zedias85 my opinion based on my experience of starting 2 years ago would be experiment with small amounts of money (that you can afford to lose) and see what works for you. I literally started with a few hundred £ that I would have been using for normal betting and bought the odd one or two shares in a few different players. After a few months I was happy I knew (some of) what was going on and started putting more money in. Its easy to lose money if you invest it stupidly like getting FOMO and buying someone when their price has spiked before a drop, try to resist this. You will only be able to recognise this by experiencing it and getting to understand what makes it happen so buy some shares, make some mistakes and learn from them (sound like you already have so you're off to a start already!) I bough one or two Salahs, it was his first season he was scoring for fun, Liverpool were flying in Europe in the run in to the Kyiv final and I saw the pennies rolling in almost daily at times from the dividends as his price simultaneously rose, thats what opened my eyes to the fact that iff you get it right this place could be a gold mine!! Even when you think you've got it all worked out something will happen which will make you think "where the fuck did that come from" I think we all remember the madness of our first transfer window for example!!!

  • @Zedias85 I did the same but used the first £500 to make my mistake and start again.

    I was investing £100 a month so similar to yourself; it depends what you’re after. If you want instant money IPD is good but the spikes and drops could leave you vulnerable unless you time your exit right.

    If you’re after long term CA in a varied port should see a steady increase in ROI.

    Just beware the pumps, dumps and FOMO; I always do my own research but found some great longer term players from the sub 20p, 40p and 80p threads.

    Good luck and enjoy

  • Thank you all for your feedback.

    I decided not to give up just yet and changed my approach.

    Will now focus on PB players but also with an eye on the next transfer window.

    My most expensive player to date was 0.40p and just bought 15 shares of a 1.91 player.

  • Have you taken advantage of the £500 offer ? I believe its still running (?) it means if you have losses in the first 30 days you can quit and get your money back, then come back for a better go.

    In terms of players, for low investment you can still have a chance of PB wins.

    Tonight there are only a few games, BUT, top Min is 33p and top GK/Def both 21p

    so there are still chances. Even 25 players at £1 for you, IF they win on a full matchday can bring 16p in Divs. Thats a big return 5 wise.

    Orellana 44p
    Thiago Silva 46p

    A couple I have taken a chance on. As always, do your own research. I would suggest a look at the CL and Europa teams. there are bargains at Porto, Lyon etc that just may bring you some return. And if they are players wit a chance of a move in the summer, a boost in price too,

    good luck

  • @Munchie63 just realised today that the £500 risk free is still running but only for the first 7 days

  • @Munchie63 The offer is now for 7 days only, I tested a little bit but with a fraction of that value.

    What do you mean by "top Min is 33p and top GK/Def both 21p" and "Even 25 players at £1 for you, IF they win on a full matchday can bring 16p in Divs"? Is it what top overall, forward and midfielders get as dividends?

    I've understood the in game dividends and media buzz but I think I'm still completely out on the performance one.

    Sorry for all the questions and thank you very much for your support

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