Index Gain Launches Buzz Scout To Give You Lowdown On New IPOs

  • Any new IPOs. Full breakdown of their stats plus their PB history if they had been getting PB. Cool. Premium members only.😣

    Still not interested. Still feels like index cash drain. Not for me. I think there's enough stats out there without going down the premium route. Some people swear by it tho. Never seen the need.

  • @Dalien-Smith but i have to say i dont think i would have made as much money without it. Also its price alert notifications have saved me from big losses aswell

  • @Dalien-Smith I signed up on Indexgain, thinking that the port tracking was included in the free. The free report looks grand to be fair, however wouldn't get the premium myself now.

    I can see though, how it would be beneficial to massive ports.

  • I’m down to about 20 players but when I had 60/70/80 I don’t know how I would of managed without it,I probably don’t use half of what they offer but I’m sure it pays for itself 5x over for me.

  • @Black-wolf Talk me through it then. So say I've got Messi shares. Messi is reported as out for the whole season. How long would it take for index Gain to notify me of a significant price drop? How responsive is it?

  • @Ynot_b How does it pay mate? I don't get it. Is it's big draw it steers you towards PB friendly players?

  • Here's one for Index Gainers. We've had a full programme of European football this week. Has anyone got any stories of how the gain has helped you profit this week? I'm trying to get a practical sense of how this would work for me.

  • @Dalien-Smith

    Pretty much instant you can set it up as you want. Say you want to be notified if your player drops by more than 2% or more within a one hour time period, you’ll get a notification sent as soon as he has dropped by that amount within the one hour time period. So say he drops 2% in 1 minute because of a major injury (Gomes esque) you would get a notification sent because he has dropped by 2% or more within a one hour period. Gives you time to instant sell before a 2% drop turns into a 20% drop.

    Reading that back I’ve probably made it sound more confusing than it should be, hopefully someone more articulate can explain it better. The gist of it is that it can be a life saver particularly if a player you hold gets injured. There’s way more to index gain than that though. There’s a code floating around which gives you the first month for a fiver or so. If your not sure, I’d recommend trying it and if you don’t like it just delete it and its only cost you a fiver.

  • @CJ0101 I could have done with that last night when the Luis Alberto shit hit the fan ! doh!

  • @CJ0101 they currently have a promotion for a 5er regardless of code.

    To be fair the port tracking is kinda the only thing I feel I am missing out but meh

  • I could not imagine being on the index without it. Its fantastic and has made money.

    Getting started guide

    Buzzbot explained

    Premium info.

    Slack is an app you can download and sign in with your indexgain login. Its like a watsapp group with different channels. #Chat_Matchday or #Chat_ trading for example and is very active.

    The day Jesus Navas changed positiion from midfielder to defender, someone posted it in there and it was obvious he was more valuable than 30p. Little bits of information like that always pop up and its more than worth the subscription fee.

    The above was intoduced today and you can scout the upcoming IPOs with Opta stats and match-day (PB) scores for all players that participate in match-day league and cup competitions who are currently not available to buy on the Index.

    I cannot speak highly enough of the service they provide.

  • @Antierror Ok just double checked the email.

    The promotion is for free members, if you upgrade to premium using the code "SCOUTNOW" you get the month for 4,25

  • This post is deleted!

  • @CJ0101 The notification system. I see the value there. I have a less sophisticated version of that involving sofascore player notifications which notify me when a player gets substituted/potentially injured. But injuries can often occur outside of the pitch so it's not a perfect system.

  • I might've signed up for Indexgain Lite package which involved notifications plus port tracker. The port tracker should be part of the basic functionality on the FI app in fairness. It does seem a joke having to pay for it.

  • I've asked this before but still didn't sign up to Indexgain, just want to double check- can someone again explain if and how the premium database removes the European pb multiplier from player average scores? How do i see the true average of a player when they've played say 15 games in a pb league and then 5 games in Europe (with their score being multiplied)?

  • I guess it also comes down to port value? At £8.50 pm that's either a drain on your return, or noise.
    So for a cost of 0.5-1% you'd need to have a port above £10k
    Depends on how much you think it increases your profit.
    I like the sound of it but can't justify cost / time

  • @Westy They just include what the score would of been without the multiplier. That way it doesn’t disrupt the averages.

  • @CJ0101 i just joined now, looks correct... but one stands out straight away- looking at the player screener it shows lo celso got 304 in one game- the one where he won pb in europe. Is that the proper score then? What score did it register with the multiplier then?

  • @Dalien-Smith as soon as his price starts to drop i get a notification which happens in real time. It doesnt mean im first out but i can get out faster than most people if i choose to. Without it id have to sit glued to my portfolio 24/7 to notice any changes early on

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