Jann-Fiete Arp

  • This definitely isn't a tip, I'm just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has seen this lad play. Is he any good? H'es the right age, he's at a top quality club and he's banged in goals for Germany at numerous youth levels. Obviously he's got the red hot Lewandowski to contend with for a starting place at Bayern Munich, but I've just been reading how Arp is back in training now after an injury so hopefully he may get a few games. He's only £1.05 too which seems relatively cheap for his potential.

    Any advice on this one would be appreciated lads.

  • @NewUser252969 I was reading an article a couple days ago about how he may have made a mistake going to Bayern as he will get very little to no playing time. It mentioned he should have started at a club such as Eintracht Frankfurt. No doubt he has potential. Only thing is he may not get anywhere for a year or more so it would be a long term one in my view.

  • @TeamGB makes sense apart from the eintracht comment. Joveljic not getting much game time, and the starting forward line hasn't been particularly consistent. Would have thought somewhere like Hoffenheim or Hertha would have been a better.

    Massive shame as thought he had smashed it when Bayern gave him the option of delaying joining

  • Been injured ages...i think he will get a loan in Jan.

  • Without going in depth I've gone with the opinion Bayern snatched him up early to ensure no one else got ahead of them for what could be the next big thing. Early signs are he's not at the level of the youth around him, I ditched him some months ago and totally off my radar moving forward.

  • @Moukoko I’ve just reread the article and it was written in Feb 2019. It actually says he would have been better off going to Hoffenheim or Eintracht Frankfurt. Here it is: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.dw.com/en/is-jann-fiete-arp-really-good-enough-for-bayern-munich/a-47430112

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