• 38p spread on luis alberto.. who comes up with these numbers?

    Surely this is a big factor that will put alot of people off the platform.

    Some of the spreads are quite ridiculous. Some people rise 20p but when ya factor in the spread its really just 3p..

  • @TRADER101
    Thats only if u instant sell the player.
    If he goes up 20p and you market sell you get your 20p profit per share minius 2%commission

  • @TRADER101 You need to understand why the spread is like. Alberto's price dropped quick on Thursday night, the spread is widened by FI to reduce that sell-off and protect holders. I look at that price drop and a wide spread as great news from a buying perspective if i'm buying for a long term hold. Unlikely others will be dumping.

  • @TRADER101 if you’re planning on holding someone for a long duration, the spread is pretty much meaningless to you until you decide to sell, and hopefully at that point you will be market selling anyway (barring any unfortunate circumstance of course)

  • The spread doesn't really bother me when buying, as I would be hoping that it will be a good enough purchase that I'll be able to market sell when the time comes. Only exception would be if IS was 0-1p as that would suggest FI think a pump and dump is happening or I've missed a retirement announcement!

  • As soon as Tammy Abraham just got subbed, some people were instant settling him 32p below his price and paying another 7p per share commission. It’s very unlikely people will recover that on any other player for the total of 39p per share so why are they selling?! FI must be absolutely delighted.

  • What would be really cool if, somehow FI could use their data to come up with some kind of algorithm that would use the data to try an extrapolate some sort of figure for Projected dividends over a period of time for any particular player (similar to how some fantasy football websites use data and algorithms to predict the amount points a player could return over a season or for a particular match) . Then when you IS it could come up with some sort "are you sure?" message pointing out how much cash you could potentially win over time by holding based on their projections. Might make people think twice before they mug themselves off in situations like that described above.

  • @Chris-C if people are IS’ing after someone being subbed off, or if someone scores a hattrick and they IS that same player cause he didn’t score a hattrick the week later, I don’t think they really care that much about winning any dividends.

  • @TeamGB clearly more money than sense or utter bellends

  • I had Abraham in the sell queue for about a week because I didn’t wanna pay the spread, he finally went today after he scored

  • 3 days ago Leroy Sane had a 9p spread. It's now 15p. I know theres reports bayern have put his transfer "on ice" but does that justify increasing his spread by 67%? Most ppl would say it's a good thing because the prem is where you want your players to be. (I disagree).

    I noticed about a week-10 days ago Fred's spread was increased; doubled iirc though this is now back more or less where it was. I'm gonna start looking out for this sort of thing more. I almost never IS nowadays but spreads seem to be a bone of contention as they are getting harsher across the board

  • I’m not really bothered at it will slowly gets people used to market selling more and eventually orderbooks.
    In the end it will stop stupid pump and dumps.

  • @MickTurbo

    IS is probably the biggest risk to FI as it means FI not another user pay out that money. The spreads need to be reasonably undesirable so that people market sell and it reduces the risk for FI of them being wiped out by a mass Neymar cull or some such.

    I like you keep a close eye as sometimes they can swing hugely up or down, sometimes with good reason and sometimes with nothing obvious causing it.

  • @Tom77 @Alpilgrim

    Agree with you both. Just seems there is no rhyme or reason at times.

  • @MickTurbo said in Spreads?:

    @Tom77 @Alpilgrim

    Agree with you both. Just seems there is no rhyme or reason at times.

    Yeah i know can be annoying

  • Still new to this but I always thought the bigger the spread % wise the more people were in the sell queue. Which would be logical I suppose.

  • @Spot-the-value. said in Spreads?:

    Still new to this but I always thought the bigger the spread % wise the more people were in the sell queue. Which would be logical I suppose.

    Fear and fomo drive IS. Fomo i think is the biggest driver as people want to buy player X and so liquidate perfectly good positions so as to scratch their itch.

  • Someone mentioned the size of spreads in the last Q&A on Twitter with AC. The trader said:
    "Hi Adam, thanks for your time this evening. Can you please explain the thinking behind the ever widening spreads? I understand some of the ones on injuries, but I’m mainly referring to players under £1. 3-4p spreads on 40p players is killing the IPD market. Thanks"

    AC replied:
    "We always want to offer the best price we can. I’m grateful for your input though and I will discuss this with the trading team to ensure we are not unduly making this unattractive to customers."

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