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  • I am new to this and was wondering when is the best time to sell a player to get media buzz and performance buzz dividends. Does it have to be after the 12 o'clock mark?

  • After the money goes in your account. Sell before and you miss out. Learnt this the hard way. Only had 5 shares in the player but it annoyed me!

  • Another new user with question on the dividend of PB & MB. am I right in thinking that if you purchase futures in a player as the game is going on you won’t get the PB dividend. Do you have to have held the player for 24hrs before game ??

  • So guys the facts are.

    You have to have purchased the player by 2pm GMT that day to be eligible even if his game kicked off at 12pm.

    Secondly you have to hold him until the dividends land in your account usually circa 12.30am

  • @NewUser45842 No the 24hr rule is out of date but FI haven't removed it :-/ need to buy before 2pm to qualify for divs

  • Excellent thanks for advice guys. So you could take advantage of early kick off games for PB 👍🏻

  • @NewUser45842 Alex Sandro scored an early goal (pre 2pm) a couple of weeks ago and went up about 25p. I bought in on the hope he could hold on. He did and won triple defender dividends. At 00:30 when he the money dropped into accounts his price went back down to what it was before the goal. It was one of the worst days of watching football I had ever had! Praying for 1-1 draws with midfielders scoring!

  • You should have been much faster to get on than buying at the upper end of a 25p rise when can only win 18p max, when at boat has sailed it has sailed dont try and get on late, plenty more opportunities, and its not at all guaranteed and like you say the theres only one way his price is going after

  • @SMacFI not sure who has diwnvoted this post. In fairness it is right what you are saying even though on occasions you are pretty blunt how you put it. Particularly with defenders they do have an upper ceiling of value. FI is all about spotting an opportunity before others do. I accept that isn't always easy but unless a defender is winning performance buzz a minimum once a month I don't think they'll ever rise above £1.50ish.

  • Maybe i should have put a smily face emoji or 'lol', to show i was saying it in a half jokingly way and not to offend any of the easy offended out there. Its amazing how many people would rather hear something sugar coated than hard straight facts for there own benefit.

  • @SMacFI wasn't me that downvoted. You make a good point with the facts I presented. He actually continued to rise and I sold at a higher price than I bought before others sold so came out with a nice profit but that doesn't mean I did the right thing! The risk on this trade was probably higher than the reward.

    Only reason I posted his was as an example of what @NewUser45842 2 had highlighted as a possibility with the 2pm dividends deadline.

  • No drama's just trying to help people out and give advice, thats what this forum is about, not really fussed about my score, yet people that have down voted me am sure will still take my advice on board at the same time as giving me a minus vote.

  • @Stevo it was OC123 whoever that is.

  • Yeah I don't think the up and down votes really matter it was more just to point out that I think you made a fair point and that to down vote was probably a bit harsh. I think the down vote was definitely more for the way you put it rather than the content.

  • @SMacFI I've upvoted it mate to regain balance ;-D Someone asked in an earlier forum whether someone nailing an early kick-off would cause a major problem for FI as people jump onboard to get the matchday dividend, as I pointed out then and as you've pointed out here the people who get in first or already hold would most likely sell the player as why would you hold a player for an 18p dividend if they've already ganied 25p+?! UNLESS you're sure the dividend wasn't a flash in the pan and the player will maintain the inflated price, but the past has shown that many of these players quickly return to their original price and the latest ones to the party gain their dividend but end up holding a player who has dropped more than that.

  • Cheers mate i will try be less blunt with my points next time , i will up vote your as well to prove good things happen to good people ;)

  • @SMacFI I'm not looking for an upvote by the way.

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