Mateo Kovacic

  • What are peoples thoughts on how high he can go? Do people think form is temporary or now the real deal? In my opinion his price has potential to fly today being early kick-off if scores well.

    Really interested to see how he does today with no Jorginho in the side. Potentially everything could go through him or on the other hand maybe they will lose a bit of their dynamism in midfield.
    Absolutely loving watching him these last few games, he's turned into a beast. Helped that I bought him last week before his big rise.

    Big score last weekend and watched some of the game mid-week and he was very unlucky not to get a couple of assists when Abraham was offside or missed.

  • Been playing very well and is someone I'm interested in, but what happens when Jorginho and Kante are both available. Surely it's only 2 from those 3 so worry he won't get much game time

  • @Weggers83 Yeah that's true it will be interesting. With the form he's in though I think he's going to be hard to drop. Could potentially play the furthest forward of a midfield 3 but more likely to be rotated at first. They play enough games over the next two months

  • Also Ruben loftus cheek.

  • Another big PB score today and his price will go mental.

  • Scored 189 with a yellow card and no goals or assists. People still instant selling though.

  • @Ben_pz decent score tbf considering what you said

  • @Staggz88 yeah I’ve actually just topped up. He could well fall a couple pence more but I think when people reflect on his last 5 scores it’s quite clear he’s a genuine PB contender in this Chelsea team

  • @Ben_pz I agree, right now the market just doesn't see the value in someone whom could win PB a handful of times in the season and return over 10% in divdends. The market is being quite reactive to top PB scorers on the day and chasing the big rises which is understandable if not slightly frustrating. It will take a while for things to settle and prices to be more alligned with consistent and potentially repeat PB winners, however, I think that's what will happen.

  • The return of Kante and Jorginho and his lack of offensive contribution is what puts me off him personally. An improvement in goal scoring would do wonders for him - he hasn't scored a goal for years according to Transfermarkt.

  • @Ben_pz yeah he could be worth me dipping into. He won’t play all the time, but when he does play he is a contender which is all you can ask. Only concern is lack of goals/assists. If he chipped in with them he would be a £3 player

  • @JaySaul yes these my my concerns lol. If he could chip in with a few goals/assists he would potentially be a big PB player

  • I just think he’s a different player to before though I’m not sure you can judge him on previous stats.

    I’ve watched him and always thought he was great technically but lacking any offensive contribution at all which under Sarri was obviously exaggerated. Now under Lampard he is playing further ahead than Jorginho/Kante and he is linking midfield to forwards. In my opinion he’s going to get plenty of assists if he carries on in his current role.

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