• (Disclaimer I do own shares at 1.26)

    This guy will surely get a move to a big club this summer? 2 years to run in his contract so Torino will sell soon if they want a healthy return on investnent

    He scores a lot of goals for a team who don't score many at all (7 of their 13 league goals at time of writing) and whenever he plays for a team who are heavily favoured (Italy and Torino while in EL Qualifying rounds he scored a goal every game on average)

    I bought at 1.26 3 weeks ago and was surprised to see him drop to 1.18 at one stage. I honestly think he will be a 3 pound player with the right move.

  • Was one of my first buys on the index (since sold and bought back) has a physique and style very suited to Premier league imo.

  • Good timing on this post

  • @Cheze90 I suspect the only reason this post was made is because he’s currently sat on top on the match day rankings (at time of writing this).
    Belotti wouldn’t even be mentioned if he had a score of 100 lol

  • I’m holding, nice rise but the main reason Is he is Italy’s number one, 25 years old and due a decent transfer.

  • Italian players seem to be abit like English players in that few of them show much interest in playing abroad. So personally i see him being more likely to have a transfer to another club in Italy than the Prem league. But money might persuade him, who knows.

  • I have a whopping 6 shares in him, so while it's nice to see one of my players up at the top, I would prefer a late surge by one of my ligue 1 players I have larger amounts in

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