Getting disheartened with footballindex

  • Quick to take there cut. But not to fix problems or update players list. 😠

  • @NewUser443162 said in Getting disheartened with footballindex:

    Quick to take there cut. But not to fix problems or update players list. 😠


    This should help.

  • If you don't like it take your ball and go home. Yes there are players who aren't on the list we all know this. But given your profile suggests you only joined 8 days ago how can you be so disheartened so quickly?

    Is it because you've jumped on the wrong players and made a huge loss? The players you've bought haven't double in value?

  • @Brane_Ormso 8 days? crikey, How has he even had chance to see what players are there? let alone the ones that are not!

  • @Ole-ole Well it may just be that they've only been active on the forum for 8 days. (after all my profile says 9 months but I've been using the index for longer than that).

    I just think some people have misconceptions for how the index works, it's not as simple as signing up, buying some shares in any Tom, Dick or Harry and seeing their value shoot up.

    We all know that there are players who should be on that aren't and players who need taken off but if you don't like it, don't pi$$ and moan, sell up and leave and go back to normal betting.

  • @Brane_Ormso absolutely, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy the platform, Ive made some silly mistakes myself during the few months I have been on here, but for me that's all part and parcel. Im not a huge risk taker, so although I will most likely never profit big like some, small and consistent gains still make it enjoyable. like everything in life, its not perfect, but I have no time for whinging at my age, id rather just get on looking for the next opportunity.

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