Reasons why Messi is overrated.

  • There arnt any. But curious to see if anyone wants to make a case

  • He 'only' scored a hat-trick yesterday. Gini Wijnaldum once scored four goals in a Premier League game. Wijnaldum>Messi. Forget Messi, Wijnaldum is the GOAT!

  • Not fit to lace Jordan Henderson's boots! Messi's La Liga penalty conversion rate = 82%. Henderson's Premier League penalty conversion rate = 100%.

  • I just received £150 in dividends from him after yesterdays performance. I hope more people wake up and realise that he is the 'King' of FI and his price begins to improve.

  • Who are we to compare him against? Ourselves as human beings or his own people from which ever planet that may be ( krypton maybe? )

  • Papiss Cisse nine league goals this season. Messi eight league goals. Messi is sooooo over-rated! Even the much loved Hans Vanaken is matching Messi this season with eight league goals :)

  • The only reason why I see people would be put off buying him is his age at 32. Still, that hasn’t stopped me or plenty other people on here

  • More importantly how does Sky rate his “power” score surely that’s the best gauge 😂

  • Banned

    Yup this is my view and the ONLY reason why I am not invested in him.

    I think it is a huge risk.

    Because when he retires he will be worth £0 and that is such a big drop. I think many, many people will get burnt on him, especially newer investors.

    He is a great player, he will make decent returns for some I am sure. But I am quite risk averse and he just doesn't fit my portfolio.

  • @ MrWh1te You talk as though his retirement is just around the corner.
    He has 2-3 years easy.
    All about opinions I suppose😉

  • @MrWh1te If you brought him at the start of the season and IS him towards the end of the season, baring some kind of out of the ordinary it is extremely likely you'll be selling at a much higher price and with a nice amount of divs to boot. The chances of his price going to zero if your selling him before the season is out is pretty close to zero.

  • @NewUser303261 True but how many others do you think are planning the same? Come March/April it's gonna become a game of chicken on Messi as everyone scrambles to get out first.

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    Indeed but let's assume he has 3 years still before he goes back to Argentina.

    He is currently trading at £6.55

    Now let's also assume (because it is impossible to know for sure) that he drops by a third each year. That is a £2.15 drop per season. Will he make £2.15 in divs by the end of each season? I don't think he will.
    And it is likely to be much worse because I don't think we will see much of a drop till the end of this season and then the time scale for the drop is even shorter so drops in that time will be bigger.

    Like I said, I am sure you guys on him will do well and make plenty of divs, I am just giving the reasons why he doesn't fit my portfolio.

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    @NewUser303261 I don't think it is zero. At the moment he is riding a wave. The second he has a couple of bad games, (as all players do), there will be a scramble to the bottom.
    You only have to look at Pogba's drop and he still has his career ahead of him and plenty of divs to win potentially.

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    Indeed. And could be made worse by the scramble for Euro players.

  • @MrWh1te Agreed. Everyone thinks they wont be the one caught out but some have to be.
    I'm absolutely not disputing the fact he is a dividend king - he is perfect for the PB matrix and will win plenty of divs for those who already hold. But entering a trade at his current price is too risky for me.

  • @MrWh1te true he will retire one day but not int he next 2years maybe after 3. But the thing is unlike most players when he announces his last season he will probably be the main news story each and everyday of that last season MB will stand for Messi Buzz. Before he retires i truly believe he will return his value in divs alone and maybe more

  • Pogba and Messi are very different cases.

    The argument about him being high risk is only if you are planning on holding him for the whole long term. While i dont believe his price will drop by those kind of amounts under tr current structure again it's only a risk if you don't have an escape plan.

    But fair enough, like you say he doesn't for your strategy, so respect for having a plan and sticking to it.

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    @Black-wolf I guess that is the gamble, and I hope it pays off for you.
    I am not trying to shit on Messi, far from it. I am just saying the level of risk doesn't meet my portfolio strategy.

  • @Black-wolf That's assuming he announces his last season in advance of course. He could just as easily say at the end of a season that's it - he may not want the year long media circus of a final season farewell tour.
    I hate the whole Messi debate to be honest. He's a PB legend but there is always the capp dep debate with him and it is real.

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