What's the Story with Ciro?

  • Morning all. So...... Ciro Immobile. It's not my habit to start posts about specific individuals and I should point out to the pumper-baiters that I don't currently hold. I bought him once, he went no-where, got impatient and used the cash elsewhere. The thing is I'd like your help to understand why this Gentleman is sitting at a comparatively paltry 1.79? Established Italian international forward, 3 games in the euro qualifiers, 1 goal, 1 assist. I'd suggest he is sure to be there in 2020. More to the point in 12 games in Serie A this season (one as a sub), 14 goals and 5 assists. That surely must make him second only to Ledawhathisname as the best performing striker in Europe at present. Yet I rarely, if ever, see him discussed on the Forum, and his price creeps forward whilst others with lesser achievements fly like crazy. So, fellow traders, please enlighten me as to why you think very few of us are buying this guy. He's 29 I believe that may put a few off and there is, I grant you, a certain comedy about the name but apart from that what's the story with this guy. What's holding him back do you think?

  • @Le-Blanc It will sound strange me saying this the day after he won top forward, but its his PB that's put me off. He's your typical out and out striker that doesn't have a high base and therefore needs at least game winning goal or 2/3 to be in with a chance. I will accept the form he's in right now makes that entirely possible but how likely he keeps it up all season?
    He will have his day, as he did yesterday but, for me, he's unlikely to be a regular PB challenger so he's someone, rightly or wrongly, that I tend to look at as a very good IPD striker. Having said that, I do think his price will creep up towards the Euros, he'll be a great 30 day hold for the Euros and 2 or 3 games a day means significantly less competition for PB.

  • @janner73 makes sense. I actually hadn't noticed he won top forward when I wrote this, I've been pondering it for a while and was looking at the WhoScored stats for the division. I hadn't realised quite how prolific he had been this season, a further indicator that he gets very little mention on here I guess, and good assists record to go with it. If he can only grow gently with that record it probably means, as you say, it's never likely to happen big-time.

  • I've been holding for a while and he's been doing very nicely price wise. He seems to almost always start and has Euros interest. He doesn't set the highest PB scores but as yesterday suggests - sometimes you get lucky. Buy him on a good run of games and you could hope for some IPDs and a possible rise.

  • @janner73 @Alpilgrim

    Yes a PB score of 202 will rarely win you top fwd on a gold matchday. He was fortunate yesterday. But I agree with the OP, it's surprising he is still so cheap

  • Dropped another 8p to 1.71 since the original post. Is he injured?

  • Why buy immobile over Belotti? give me a good reason

  • @Tom77 said in What's the Story with Ciro?:

    Why buy immobile over Belotti? give me a good reason

    I would not have a specific reason and I am not suggesting for a moment anyone does so.

  • @Tom77 Because belotti is bobbins?

  • In my short time on the platform, I can't say I've ever seen a player drop so much after winning dividends on a gold day. You'd think he'd be worth keeping with his form but maybe I've got the wrong idea

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