• For those who are waiting on Fati and Caniv the simplest way of finding out if they have been released is to log on the site and if the site has crashed then you know they have. Simples.

  • @Ollie haha good analogy. There is some value to be had with certain players if you got on at the right time. But i am not going near the bigger names for two reasons:

    1.) People being screwed on the price and buying something for way more than you thought.
    2.) Almada and Ihattaren price a month after the intial IPO buzz wore off. Both have plummeted and would expect similar for these 2 unless their PB scores dramatically shoot up.

    I keep a fairly open mind with IPOs and young players as it really does my head in when people say 'he wont win any MB, his PB scores are rubbish right now'

    Yes the index has changed to more PB based but there are plenty of players who you can make the biggest profit earner of all, Cap App on. Players ranked 20-25 on the index right now in price (6 players) have won 18p IN TOTAL on FI in dividends. MB and PB combined if Index Gain is right anyway. Foden 2p, Mount 2p, Havertz 6p, Greenwood 8p, Odegaard 2p - and if not sure if index gain is missing data but it looks like to me Felix and Haaland have won nothing. So even if Harvey Elliott doesnt post more than 100PB score this season, he could still shoot up in value if he comes on one game, skins a few players, or bags a couple against lower league in the FA cup. I have zero interest in Elliott and wouldnt touch him, but he could easily be in the top 20 in a years time too. Mason mount prime example of someone we all would have scoffed at a year ago, and Greenwood another who on pitch itself so far has done very little. Its the beauty of FI, many ways to make money and dont need to be the guy who takes all the set pieces or in a team that dominates possession to be a potential profit earner.

  • @Vaughany
    I agree, you also have to remember though that these IPOs if you get on early carry very little risk for most players. Some have risen 1p because their start price was deemed way too high - but if you did buy you are going to lose 5p per share at most including IS and commission. Low risk low reward is how i would describe these players as they are mostly cr@p journeymen. But if a Salcedo or the young Verona centre half develop and you got on near their start price then you have a very nice bargain with limited risk exposure if they turn out to be rubbish.

  • Fabien Centonze 55p

  • Yusuf Yazici just dropped

    Another one I've missed i wanted but missed the boat on 🙄

  • @Ddr up 40 odd p already.

    I must be missing something generally.

  • @NewUser275766 Same here, I was going to get if he was sub 80p but £1.40 already wow

  • @Ddr said in IPO's:

    Yusuf Yazici just dropped

    Another one I've missed i wanted but missed the boat on 🙄

    He was the main one I was interested in but missed it. I much preferred knowing the release window so I could ensure I was online.

  • Yeah Yazici was one I wanted. I've been watching the ticker for 2 days and missed that one cause I was too busy chatting haha. My own fault, they can drop any time.

    I got Salcedo. Might call it a day at that and invest in other players. Yazici already looks over priced, not sure how he warrants being more than Ikone and Bamba. I wanted to get on him at cheaper than those 2

  • @Vespasian32 Yeah me too. Don't think it's stopped some people being able to get on before others through whatever methods they use, bots or otherwise. Just means I've been staring at the ticker for last few days wasting my time.

  • Only Fati and Camiv remain that have any value to the index. Both will be released in the early hours to prevent the system crashing.

  • Just Mounir Chouiar left for me, won't get chance to get in on Fati or Camiv before they shoot up too quickly.

  • Aged 22. 17 caps. Scored a 213 this season...5 assists and 2 goals. Got on at 1.30, disappointed I missed the trigger but can see this guy rising as the season goes on. Andorra coming up this weekend too.

  • @KevT don't think he is any value, but he only increased by 4p compared to the rest

  • @Pagey74
    That's worrying for me. Fati/Camiv aside, the other 2 I want haven't been released yet..........

  • Stephy Mavididi is the last one I want if I can pick him up for near 30p il be happy

  • @Vaughany I wouldn't be worried. I can name a few others still to come that will offer significantly more value than Camavinga - who actually has very little value once he gets any MB for a transfer out the way.

  • @janner73
    To be honest, I'm not really expecting to get anywhere near Fati/Camiv given the almighty scramble. I was just hoping to get in and out quickly for a bit of profit but I'm more interested in the other 2 who I'm hoping won't shoot up so quickly.

  • @Vaughany Camavinga is all hype - he will be poor for FI but it won't stop his price flying. For PB and future divs there is one standout left that will probably end up similar to Yazici in price.

  • @janner73 And that is????

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