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  • This week I’ll be joined, in person for a #PubCast by:

    • @SoccerIndex: Great at predicting the next #FootballIndex trend,
    • @nmorris4: Former @FootballIndex employee, great balls to the wall’ trader

    Questions, topics - below please!👇🍺

  • @The-FIG couple of questions

    The current trend is PB players, how long do they see this lasting and what is the next trend?

    With the div announcement, fi intimated the possibility of rewarding consistent performers. Do they think this would take the form of a team of the week/month thing? Or something else

  • @Ddr cheers for the question mate!

  • Do they think expanding access to Football Index in other countries will be possible (ie France, Spain, Scandinavia etc) in the near future?

  • @NewUser434312 cheers for the question! 👍

  • Can you ask @nmorris4 why he left his job at football index & having worked there, does he have any inside knowledge in regard to where they want to take the product? 🤔

    For example, are they looking to go global & does he personally think it's at ground level to what it could become?

    Thanks 👍

  • Have only recently just got into listening to these, love them already! Very interesting and useful.

    Maybe a bit too obvious, @soccerindex, but just to make sure it is asked, what does he/she think will be the next trend?
    I think we are still going to see pay day deposits going on proven pb players, but how long will that be the case?

    Also there is a current feeling (and market pattern) that it is mostly pay day money of current traders going in at the moment. What do FI need to do to attract more traders? Do they feel the current advertising gets the stock market element across clearly enough? I think the radio ad could be clearer and mention earning dividends instead of just buying and selling.

  • Any thoughts on how FI will approach internationals when the World Cup Qualifiers come around? Restricted to Europe only, or global?

  • @Westy Cheers mate! Glad you're enjoying them :) Please do leave a review on iTunes if you have a spare 30 secs!

    Thanks for the question!

  • Is it possible to also provide stats for the Copa America next summer so both the Euros and the South American tournament can be considered for PB?

  • Love the Podcast FIG, keep up the good work, been listening for around the last 15 episodes.

    What's peoples thoughts going in to the winter break? Think we will see a decrease other PB league players and a potential spike in EPL players? Not been on here for that long to know what to expect.

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