30% by xmas

  • Have £1300 ready to go on one player and torn between a few

    Who could realistically go up 30% by Xmas?

  • Any premier league IPD striker during the winter break although if your chasing that, I'd spread it over a few because even as a holder of chris wood, I wouldnt advise holding 2600+

  • @MickTurbo do the sensible thing and split the £1300 with half in chris woods and the other half in Ashley Barnes

  • @Andy my current crop is wood, walcott, deeney and king

  • I’m thinking more along the lines of someone who could win PB but also a potential move/ rumours...
    Considering Belotti..

  • Just be the first one to get on Fati when hes released and you will make 30% quicker than you can say 'market crash'

  • @Sonnyjim in that case my approach would be possibly to look at transfers to PB leagues for players who are PB suited. Therefore I suggest Alejandro grimaldo, 81p currently. Quality wing back and surely destined for one of the big leagues.

    It might happen in jan, or waybe not till summer but hes on peoples radars as we get towards december as he was 76p not long ago and £1.05 would achieve your target, which I think he is highly likely to reach.

  • Cheers that’s a good shout.
    I’ll deffo keep him in mind.

  • Ryan Fraser if you want one by end of the day (if rumours are true)

  • @Ben_pz said in 30% by xmas:

    Ryan Fraser if you want one by end of the day (if rumours are true)

    Can't see any rumours... Can you elaborate?

  • @Ericali On talksport. I found on twitter:https://talksport.com/football/628484/liverpool-talks-january-ryan-fraser-transfer-bournemouth-harry-wilson/

    Apparently Liverpool keen to swap. I'm unsure whether this has much substance to it but it's just the start of the rumours if not. I think he's likely to go somewhere at Christmas.

    Would mean Liverpool would have the top 3 assist scorers since the start of 18/19 season!

  • @Ben_pz Can't see that to be honest....

    But each to their own. 👍

  • Timo Werner. Can only see his price going through the roof with always being in contention for star man, links to Liverpool and Euros.

  • ISCO...def out of Real.

  • @Ericali can’t see it either unless they do some sort of deal involving Harry Wilson 🤔

  • Lorenzo Pellegrini & Timo Werner..... rumours starting to surface and both great PB 3 year holds

  • I think wolves are just starting to warm up. Could be value there.

    They’ve barely been spectacular but are floating to the top of the also rans and I think that front three could post massive pb when they click.

    Traore has been climbing but Jota has dropped from around 1.60 to 1.30. Jimenez is similar from 1.30 to 1.00.

    I hold all three but been topping up jota recently

    Any wolves fans, feel free to correct me...

  • Timo Werner or Messi or Rashford

  • @Elmer Completely agree. Had a slow start to the season, but VAR has effectively taken 2pts off us at Leicester and 2pts vs Southampton, so we would be in a much better position despite not clicking until October.

    European form is solid and we need a 1pt vs Braga (A) or Besiktas (H) to qualify for the knock out rounds.

    Doherty/Adama on the right are looking very, very dangerous at the moment and still offer decent value, shame that Adama has withdrawn from the Spanish national team due to a slight injury. Raul has been superb and Jota is showing glimpses of returning to last season’s form, he just needs a goal.

    Neves has recently been pushed into a more advanced position and he has been a different class – really pushed his performance levels up and looks very confident. Moutinho takes the corners and is our most consistant performer and will win PB a few times across the season.

    Dendoncker has recently switched to CB (covering Boly’s injury) and looked very comfortable.

    I’d avoid Vallejo for the moment as he looks a liability and hasn’t settled.

    Neto looks decent, but is too selfish and may only make fleeting sub appearances.

  • @Wolvesfan1980 out of those players which are good players or which are players that are actually posting impressive PB scores?

  • Yannick Carrasco is 100% going to leave China when his contract expires on dec 1st, he’s coming back to Europe and if it’s a Pb league he’s a 2 quid player! Currently 1.13.

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