If you had to buy one player.....

  • If you had to buy one player and hold for a year who would it be and why?

    Would love to get a bargain(future star) for 50-80p and hope I'm a years time to have doubled or trebled in price.


  • You’ll get lots of suggestions from holders so here’s mine 😎

    Jonjoe Kenny already won PB at Schalke but only on loan from Everton, hoping next season he’s in contention at Everton then as a decent PB FB in the EPL his price could double or more.

    He’s no TAA but he’s not half bad and starting to prove himself.

  • @Sav2000 said in If you had to buy one player.....:

    Jonjoe Kenny

    One I have high hopes for is Luiz Felipe only 22 years old, centre back and put a string of good performances for Lazio this season. He is currently 0.43 and I would expect him to double if keeps this up and will attract plenty of interest from foreign clubs over January and summer transfer windows.

  • Dani De Wit, if he can get a PB League move

  • In that price range Vitaliy Mykolenko at 69p.

    20 years old and already Ukraines starting left back. They have qualified for euro 2020 and have easily won their group which contained Portugal.

    Plays for Dynamo Kiev who are in Europa. Has scored an average Pb of 118 over his 11 games so far.

    A good one to buy in preparation for summer as bound to be transfer speculation in summer along with playing in Euro's.

  • Diego Llorente

  • @Ben_pz looks a good buy at that price. Is he a decent player in your opinion?

  • @Jamestodd9 Only seen him play in the last international break vs Portugal. Had a very good game and set up a goal. Impressive defensively and also quick. One game sample though... I bought in then.
    Obviously price wise would benefit in moving to PB league asap but is playing more PB football than most 20 year olds either way.

  • Tyler Roberts from Leeds. 20 years old, just come back from injury and he’s 70p, very good price for a championship player of his caliber. Guys like Eze, Diangana and Gallagher all similar age and double the price

  • @Staggz88

    Was gonna buy him at the start of the season and recently checked him out. Wondered why he hadn't moved in price... now I know lol need to follow championship football more.

  • @FootyKnowledge82 I’ve just come back from Rome and went to the Lazio game on Sunday, Felipe was definitely the best defender out of their back 3. Lazzari also looked a constant threat at wing back too!

  • @Jamestodd9 yeah been injured most the season lol just come back the other week. Maybe keep an eye on him, reckon he could easily hit £1 by the summer

  • @ChazFI123 I like both to be honest. I prefer the long game and these two both fit my criteria of undervalued players who can double/treble within a season.

  • @FootyKnowledge82

    Who's that Luis fillipe and who ?

  • @Jamestodd9 Luiz Felipe, Young Brazilian defender who plays for Lazio, not sure on the other fella

  • Sterling

  • Morata.

    He has now scored in all of his 6 appearances since the 22.10. added an assist to in his last game. The Spain appearances should help his price. £1.03 an should start at home to Malta on Friday.

    Think there will be a healthy rise coming

  • Troy parrott for me, international debut coming at 17, huge hype about him at spurs, still very much one for the future but with the weakness of the irish strikers at the moment great chance to break through there and if kane does jump ship in the summer which i believe he might well, spurs could gamble on troy if they rate him as high as they say...have watched a lot of him underage for spurs and ireland and looks the real deal.

  • Another interesting one is Giovani Lo Celso at Spurs, with Eriksen set to leave in January and Dele Ali not in great form he could really nail down a starting spot in the Spurs line up. He's only just recovered from a month long injury so he's got plenty of room to grow into a £3 player.

  • Have a look at Borja Garces, striker who's just 20 & breaking through at Ath Madrid; scored on debut then suffered a knee injury which he's just coming back from. Fans reckon he could be the next Fernando Torres as he is following the same path - now whether that sort of hype is justified or not remains to be seen but given Costa looks to out for the next few months it appears a window of opportunity might be opening for him to get another first team chance.

    Currently 88p having risen on the speculation but if he proves to be as good as the fans hope he could have significantly further to rise & sub £1 looks to be a decent enough price given the potential he clearly has. Whether he doubles or trebles will depend on how he progresses but compared to the tranche of recent IPO prices he looks very undervalued at his current level.

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