• @LittleFish with the hit by ports been taking due to these IPO sheep I bloody hope so 😬

  • @Bezz82 Back to Man U?!

  • Baffling why he isn't flying again. 2 x Euro qualifiers they have to win against Lithuania and Luxembourg who have conceded 19 & 11 respectively. IPD and PB possibilties on Silver days. MB for sure due to spat with Sarri. Divs incoming ££

  • @TeamGB that was my first thought can’t say I’ve saw many Juventus games but doesn’t seem to be hitting his normal height under Sarri and back to Man Utd would from the outside look to suit both him and the club

  • @Will78 his overall influence on the game has been dwindling with each passing year, meaning he hardly contributes to the build up of a goal which is where the majority of PB points are on offer.
    As of right now (and I dont ever see this changing now), he’s just a goal scorer, a bloody good one I add, but that’s it and nothing else.

    He’ll probs need to score 2 goals just to have a chance at winning PB, with one of those more than likely needing to be GWG. If you take Messi for example, the reason he’s so much more expensive is because literally everything Barca does goes through him - key passes, assists, dribbles, all meaning more PB points on offer as he is much more involved in the build up. Messi can potentially win top forward without a single goal involvement, Ronaldo cannot. Ronaldo is pretty much just a player who operates strictly in the penalty area.

    Dybala is a much better forward to hold at Juve if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion.

  • @Andy ronaldo has a shitty pb base. But you talk about him having to score two goals as if that's a hardship. This is a guy (albeit currently off form at Juve) who scores hatrick for fun.

    Hes not going to win loads of pb... But he will win some and plenty of media.

  • @Vespasian32 I just don’t think he’s ever got going at Juve, this season he hasn’t been great either - not really sure what that’s down to really.
    Not denying he won’t win PB/media divs, he inevitably will, but I’m not convinced at all so far this season is all I’m saying. Dybala just seems a more sensible hold to me so far

  • @Andy I can see your point about PB but as Vespian pointed out, if any player can easily bang in 2 or 3 goals it's Ronaldo. Plus MB divs for sure. Anyway i'm holding some and think it will pay off. Time will tell 👍

  • @Andy i never felt it would be great for ronaldo with sarri in charge. His PB has never been great but under Sarri i feel its worse. His real value now lies with what he does for Portugal as what he does in Italy doesnt seem to draw quite as much attention as it should and used to

  • Price has gone back down a bit now. Must have been people jumping on the mb. Would be typical of him to score a hat trick this week so I’m holding a while longer.

  • @HUFCPaul i think people jumped on for the 3 triple media days coz of the rift with Sarri, but coz the Sterling and Gómez news broke last night that will probably win MB today n tomorrow, so people who were expecting 3 days of media for Ronaldo have now sold. That’s my guess anyway lol

  • I'd be focusing on the potential 2 year ban & the fact it virtually finishes his career.

  • @Ericali said in Ronaldo:

    I'd be focusing on the potential 2 year ban & the fact it virtually finishes his career.

    Going fishing @Ericali 😂😂

  • @Tom77 said in Ronaldo:

    @Ericali said in Ronaldo:

    I'd be focusing on the potential 2 year ban & the fact it virtually finishes his career.

    Going fishing @Ericali 😂😂

    No, just Rio Ferdinand got an 8 month ban for missing a test, something similar to a 35 year old Ronaldo & its virtually curtains.....

    I wouldn't be sticking £3.30 in him per share at the minute - that's madness! 🤪


  • @Ericali Typo? 8 months for missing a test he was specifically told to stay for. Slight difference :-)

    But generally barring any injuries etc. etc. I see his price climbing towards Euros and then dropping fairly heavily when Portugal go out. If I was playing with a small budget I'd look elsewhere for returns.

  • @AT10 point taken about the typo but not as worrying as some of the headlines yesterday 😮



  • @Ericali yes those were the headlines and as we know headlines are always based on fact, they are there to draw you into reading the article and the cookie traffic the sites need to make money.

    There have been headlines in the last month I’ve seen that aren’t based on fact such as “I gave Nessie a blow job” albeit in the News of the world but you get my point.

    Until I see something from UEFA then it’s just paper talk; I agree he’s a slightly risky hold due to his age only time will tell.

  • @Sav2000 paper talk indeed - but if I held it would make me slightly apprehensive & twitchy.

  • @Ericali I know you don’t hold as you post isn’t positive about the player 😜

  • @Sav2000 said in Ronaldo:

    @Ericali I know you don’t hold as you post isn’t positive about the player 😜

    I don't hold 99.99% of the market either. 👍

    Only have a dozen players in all.

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