• @DW I probably should've been a bit clearer on what I was trying to say. Of course he isn't going to just stay in the penalty area for the whole 90mins, but what I was trying to say is all the damage he will do will be in the penalty area, ie goalscoring. He's not going to drop deep and provide through balls or assists to his team mates or try and dictate tempo in the middle of the pitch. You could argue that's not his game and it never has been, but for PB purposes that will limit him compared to Messi. The days of him being a winger, dribbling at players, taking them on 1v1 were well over before he joined Juve, and you could even argue were over a few years before he left Madrid

    I've no doubt he will win PB, he will at some point - but was trying to give my thoughts on why his price hasn't risen as much, and why he is so much cheaper compared to Messi when someone asked, and that's down to his poor base PB imo.

    How long it will take to get over this squabble with Sarri and pick up form is anyone's guess.

  • I’ve been the biggest Ronaldo fan all of his career, but I really do think his days of beating men for fun, creating numerous chances etc are behind him, he wants to break as many goal scoring records as he can and he will put himself in the best positions he can to do that. I did hold Ronaldo but I sold him as I think I’d mainly be holding for the euros rather than his actual PB potential at Juve

  • @ChazFI123 Completely agree with what you said. Those days for him are long over. I've said this to mates before, and maintain my stance that his best ever footballing season and contribution to the overall game was the 07/08 campaign when he scored 42 goals and won the champions league with Utd.
    He literally did everything that year playing as winger, taking people on and creating so many chances, all whilst scoring a crap load of goals.

    If I was to hold Ronaldo, it'd be purely for Euros. That's just me - more power to the people who hold cause he will at some point win PB this season, just maybe not in the immediate future

  • @Andy honestly he has given me some of the best moments of me being a united fan, towering over Essien in the CL final, battering Arsenal in the CL, the free kicks. The list goes on and on. For me Messi is the most gifted player of all time and Ronaldo is the most complete player of all time, it’s so hard to give them both the justice they deserve for what they’ve given to football. I’m sure Ronaldo will bang in a hat trick in the CL quarters and win PB and MB but I’m not holding him all season just to have one maybe two wins

  • @ChazFI123 not sure about Ronaldo being the most complete agree with a lot of what u just said but not that bit

  • @Carboney I’m probably a bit bias haha, I’m happy to admit that!

  • Ronaldo was amazing tonight. He was unplayable at times!!

  • 310 points WAS top until a second ago and Chilwell has moved onto 310 too, has him as 1st place and Ronny as 2nd - both with same past how 1st and 2nd is worked out again will you and I thought it was only clean sheets for Goalkeepers in regards points?

    I dunno - only hold a couple of Ronny so makes no real diff.

  • Makes some people look so stupid on here it’s brilliant

    Pb monster at 3:25

  • @NewUser69589 Thats what i thought. He will always rake in dvidends, IPD, MB & PB. Plus he will go on at least till 2022 world cup. Possible return to Man Utd for a swansong. Get the age thing but think he is good value at current price.

  • @Millerman-again Youngest player wins. Bit annoying but nm.

  • @BigAl
    Very strange analogy - like when we were at school

  • Top of MB currently.


    Dubbed the real goat -over messi! Got to be true, the daily star said so!!
    He is a steal at his price tbf though with all the divs alone!🐐

  • @Dan-w said in Ronaldo:

    Dubbed the real goat -over messi! Got to be true, the daily star said so!!
    He is a steal at his price tbf though with all the divs alone!🐐

    Well that settles the Ronaldo/Messi GOAT debate. If the daily star are saying it it must be a lie therefor Messi is the true GOAT

  • Isn't the goat Mason Greenwood?!

    On subject, how much legs do you think this Ronaldo media stuff has? Can you see him being at the forefront for a while. I'm considering to sell.

  • @Lukeroro no,hes just the greengoat.

  • @Lukeroro I'd hold mate. He needs 2 goals to reach 100 internationally, he won Top forward and lost out on star man on age difference, and probably win MB tonight. I'm topping up . Not bad for two days work 😎

  • @Lukeroro I hold and I wouldnt sell.
    Personally as a footballer, better than Messi imo. About to hit 100+ international goals, won everything and done what Messi hasn't...won with his country. Messi is better for PB on FI yes, but Ronnie personally is the better player. I do hold both fyi.

  • Late push from Gomez for MB. 30 points in it.

    I think he comes to life during international breaks, was very unlucky to miss out on MB because of the Bulgaria racism thing, comes 4th or 5th in PB regularly but I don't know if it's enough.

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