Thurs 8th March - IPO suggestions

  • Tonight's bizarre performance from my beloved Spurs, where even Chiellini stated that we're historically weak when it comes to the crunch, leaves me little zest to produce an in depth analysis.

    Oscar Rodriguez, Tiago Dias and Pedro Neto have the biggest reputation from tomorrow's offerings but undecided if any are worth backing at the prices given considering their lack of 1st team exposure.

  • well done mate for managing to write anything 😭πŸ˜₯😒😰

  • @Agatello neto is a funny one lazio took him on loan (not played) he's only 17 am not sure why

  • Yeah agreed @Simon-j, the new CR7 and all that! If I was letting any player out on loan I'd be making sure they're first choice, if the recipient club couldn't guarantee a decent amount of playing time I'd drop them down a level and so on.

  • How young do the ipos go? ..... Have u bloody seen Ronaldo Jr play lol..... I want inπŸ˜‚

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