Lazio v Lecce

  • Was on holiday in Rome over the weekend and went to watch Lazio beat Lecce 4-2. Just thought I’d voice my thoughts about some of their players, as a lot of the time people struggle to see Italian football and/or it is hard to see what players do purely through the TV.
    Luis Alberto- Looked the best player on the pitch by quite a distance, beat players with ease and pulled the strings for the first 60 minutes, faded a bit in the final 30 minutes. However, some of his passing and dribbling was second to none. Thought I had found a gem for FI but turns out people already know about him as he’s £3+! He really did catch the eye with his performance.
    Manuel Lazzari- Was very lively through out the whole game, was a constant threat down the right hand side for Lazio, regularly took on his man and beat him. Opposition player got booked in first 5 minutes for having to take him down. End product needs a bit of work, but wouldn’t surprise me if ends up turning into a very good wing back, seemed to have all the tools and would suit any team that wants to play a 3 or 5 at the back.
    Ciro Immobile- Scored a penalty, had never really seen him play before and kind of assumed that he was going to be a fox in the box. However, after watching him his work rate is amazing, makes so many runs off the ball and beyond the defenders which means they constantly have something to think about, basically spent the whole game creating space for his team mates. Not sure how well that style of play would transfer to FI though, he’d definitely need a couple goals in order to challenge for PB.
    Joaquin Correa- Grabbed himself 2 goals, looked lively in the most part however struggled to get into the game for a lot of it. Benefitted a lot from Immobile’s movement as it created a lot of gaps for him around Lecce’s back 4. On the face of it I wouldn’t suggest he would score high for PB as he spent a lot of the game without the ball, would probably need a hat trick or more to challenge for PB.
    Luiz Felipe- Looked the best defender out of the back 3 by quite a bit, comfortable on the ball, read the game well. Only criticism was that he perhaps dived in a bit to challenges, in a faster league he may get caught out a bit. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he gets a transfer in the future, probably to the Premier League, currently 43p price would probably double if he gets a move. Impressive prospect at only 22.
    Sergej Milinkovic-Savic- As a United fan this was probably the player I was most excited about watching, following the constant rumours that seem to link him to a United move. To be honest, I was massively disappointed in what I saw. If United fans think Pogba is lazy, then I really don’t think they’d like Milinkovic-Savic. Played alongside Lucas in midfield with Alberto just in front, however he very rarely showed for the ball from the defence and seemed to be anonymous for large parts. If you had asked me which player is the Lazio player that the big clubs are apparently after I would never have guessed Milinkovic-Savic. Physically he seems like he may suit the premier league, the worrying part was that Lazio seem to use him in a similar way to how United used Fellaini, a lot of the time they would play a long ball forward for him to bring down or try play a cross field ball into the box for him to try set up a team mate. Seemed to be more about his physically strengths rather than his technical ability that Lazio tried to make the most of. Missed an easy chance in the first half and another header in the second half, did take his goal well though.

  • Could i ask how Lapadula played please? Was abit disappointed with his IPO price as thought he would be a decent IPD player at the right price, scored 3 in his last 3 so was just wondering how he looked?

  • @SteC1987 he looked quite lively, he's definitely a player that is more about the 18 yard box rather than the build up. Scored following a flick on from the corner, and he scored a rebound from a missed penalty (got ruled out). Reminded me a bit of Chicharito in the fact that he comes alive once the ball is in the final third. Seemed a good finisher, just wonder how many chances he'll have created for him

  • @ChazFI123 cheers i thought that would be the case I don't think he'll get close to PB without a hattrick bit as an IPD player if he's sniffing around the box he could pick up a goal or two, would have hoped for more like 45p yesterday

  • @ChazFI123 Great write up. Thanks for sharing.

    Lazzari - How was his crossing? My one big concern with him.

    Felipe. Was he involved in attacking at set pieces at all?

  • @Metropolis his delivery was okay, a fair few of them got blocked and went for a corner. Off the top of my head he delivered a great cross which Lazio should've scored from, but I would say he needs to work on it, he easily beats a man so if he can improve his end product he could be a real find. As for Felipe, I don't think he was involved, he was far better when the ball was on the ground than when he was in the air, although he's 6ft 2 he looked quite lightweight which I imagine doesn't help him in the air.

  • @ChazFI123 Thanks mate. Any more scouting missions planned?

  • @Metropolis I wish! My local teams are Bristol City and Rovers, and Forest Green Rovers, don't think they'll be many FI starlets at the second two teams!

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