The IPO Aftermath Post. What Have We Learnt? Braggers welcome.

  • One or 2 diddy IPOs to come as I write. How's it all gone? Profitable? Frustrating? Wish you hadn't IS'd your Pogba shares now? The searching players balls up wasn't a good start...

    Share your experiences here.

  • The IPO's are not much different from a ponzi scheme when it comes to certain players

  • @Ddr Harvey Elliot?

  • @Dalien-Smith precisely

  • Following previous IPO's are we expecting the profits from the flipping to flow back into the normal market? Ive been purchasing in the dip and staying away from IPO's my hope is it was a good strategy.

  • @Ddr But some people believe he'll be a full England international before his 17th birthday. To that end he is MB gold and justifiably priced. I'm not in the camp of thought mind but football fans are a rich and diverse bunch full of many weird and wonderful views. In this game however you put your money where your mouth is....

  • @NewUser384837 I'm hoping so. I've give IPOs a big swerve. Only player I've bought is that Timo Werner dude. Better late than never.

  • We've learnt nothing new - the IPO process is still a mess. I exited CHO to have cash for Fati but it's taken too long for him to arrive. I've used the cash instead to buy 100 Habib Diallo (CA on transfer rumours) and topped up by 100, The Ox (pb, CA if starting for England and playing well).

  • @Ddr I appreciate it was probably frustrating getting him at a higher price than you did but you've got him still I assume (unless I've missed the post) and his price has steadied above £2. Not sure if there will be a mass sell off on this lad eventually when IS opens but with people still buying today suggests it might not be too bad of a buy at anything below £2. I haven't seen him play to comment but hes young, English and close to the liverpool 1st team, closer than Brewster too and look where his price got too. In all, your purchase could turn into a good one even if at a price you originally didn't want. People know the risk when they accept the "price movement" button, sometimes it will work out and other times it wont

  • @Shippers no I posted yesterday, was trying to buy at 1.36 and couldn't get any, once it got to 1.85 I gave up as I didn't see any value left in him.

    Although he IPO'd at 1.25, with the amount of dips and peaks he had last night (10p swing 3 times down and then up again) mixed in with the odd penny movement here and there, I dont think there are many people holding with a buy price of less than 1.60, maybe higher so I cant really see him dipping much below £2 within the next month if at all as there is so little profit left in him, the majority of shares held now will prob have been bought in the 1.90-2.10 bracket

  • I have learnt I can't be bothered with IPOs

  • @Ddr ah apologies my post is kind of irrelevant then 😅, sorry I must of misread. I wouldn't let it get you down and leave the index. I appreciate its frustrating especially as you didn't get a player you wanted, the process needs looking into especially if bots are mopping up but I'm confident eventually the Nasdaq partnership will bring in a new way of doing things.

  • Ok, I'm done, fuck this ipo shit off.

  • I use to like IPOs but I think theirs become a realisation now that there will be 50 more people than me that are far more dedicated and faster fingered than I'll ever be so I'm out. The biggest disappointment for me is how long Sekou Koita has took to IPO. He's been on my radar for over a year but now he's finally come out he's less of a secret. Hard to see value in him at this point but I'll watch with interest.

  • I never bother with IPOS. I don't have time to hover by a device hoping to get on the 10% that might actually be worth it.

  • That Tomori is not worth 1.90 and as a result, there's some traders who seem to want to lose money

  • I went on for Musa Barrow upon IPO. Doesn't help that he's not turned out to be very good, but jumped on after he was live for 2 minutes and watched as I simply and slowly lost money on him.

    Watched IPOs after and just steer clear. Particularly when Villa got promoted and FI tried to IPO Ahmed Elmohamedy at 70-80p and he was already on the Index at around 30p. Which was pretty poor.

  • Lesson never get involved. Buy elsewhere.

  • @Dalien-Smith

    some things that spring to mind...

    1. 900 shares to move a price rather than 100 gives more of a fighting chance
    2. the beta site is the new go to tool for those smart people who can automate/team up to literally print money
    3. there is still a big appetite for youth (wait for Fati to drop if you're not convinced)
    4. Actions may speak louder than words when it comes to 'GambleAware Week'
    5. If they CAN come up with a system that isn't ALL about technical smarts, teamwork, fastest fingers first with time to burn - it would feel far less grubby.
    6. IPOs are still very solid money makers for FI.
    7. you can still make money off them if you know what you're doing.
    8. Despite all their faults, it's still the kind of set-piece event that FI Traders seem to respond to.

  • The main thing I've learnt is that bots reign supreme on IPO's

    If you cant beat them, join them.........anyone know anyone lol

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