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  • Just seen the tweet an hour ago about football manager and having tweets turned on? What do we think this is about? Another partnership/sponsorship deal? Or maybe they're planning on using their database and gonna dump hundreds more IPO players in the coming months? Thoughts on the back of a postcard please

  • It won't be to do with IPO

    I suspect it's an advertising agreement; maybe FI will now be on the FM in-play advertising boards. And perhaps theyl do some kind of promotional offer to go with it?

    As someone who's played champ man/fm addictively since I was about 7... I, quite vocally, complained to SI when they introduced match day odds among other betting references in the game. Its not age appropriate and felt tacky.

    But now I'm an FI trader... I can see from this side of the fence, any like to FM or FF is going to be great exposure for the product.

    For FM 20 tho SI have introduced a tick box on the game setup screen to turn adverts off... Which i imagine 99% of gamers will do before ever having seen the adverts. So hopefully it's not been at huge cost to FI ☺

  • @Vespasian32 How old are you now? I was also a Champ man/Football manager addict from the age of 10 till 38. Been clean ever since bar one time i fell off the wagon this year and played the 08 version on Xbox until i was retired against my will after 25 seasons. Had such high hopes for the youth I had nurtured.

  • @Will78 33 and still got skin in the game. Not quite as addicted as I was... As a content provider I got early access to the current alpha, but been away in hotels for work this week and chose to watch TV instead. This would never happened on FM15 or lower... The last few have become less and less addictive (but I still manage to rack up the hours)

  • @Vespasian32 Ha ha. Nice 26 years so far then. That game is one of my only true loves. Seems far too detailed these days. The old versions were superb. My brother got a patch where the teams have all the old players back at their clubs i.e The Ronaldo, Maradonna e.t.c. So basically i'm getting a laptop immediately. Screw sobriety 😂

  • I remember the very first Football manager game, on the Sinclair Spectrum. Things have moved on a bit since then.
    alt text

  • CM2 was still the best. I used to love typing the DOS prompts: cd/cm2

    Neil Lennon and Billy Jones were a footballing god on that game, all the developers were Crewe fans!

  • yeah i played CM2 96/97 too first yr of UCL expansion, was only young but what a game, blew my mind playing it how detailed it was loved it, would wait for season previews come out and look to buy up the hottest prospects

  • Lb-Gareth Jellyman from Peterborough...70k deal...

    Maybe it's just going to be like the Fifa giveaway. Enter the comp and re tweet to enter with an fi #

    Will get the product noticed by fmers (football and data addicts) target audience!

    I agree with @Vespasian32 though, I'm 36, been playing fifa, IS, Pro evo champ man and fm since I was a very little boy... Any options to turn off any guff and speed up the gameplay etc I take up immediately, never saw the advertising on any fm, never heard the crowd sounds or the stadium on full graphics! Active hyper links to guff? Nah, too many things too be careful of clicking and upsetting half your squad already!

  • Champ man Italia version! Completed it mate.

  • @Westy my parma 11...
    Minotti sweeper (libero-esque) , couto and appolini cbs
    Di chiara and bennarivo at wb
    Dino Baggio and massimo crippa dominating cm
    Asprilla and zola

    What a game.

  • @Westy Lb-Gareth Jellyman from Peterborough...70k deal...

    Matthew Etherington & Simon Davies in a triple swoop.

    Could get Jellyman & Etherington at the start of the game but usually had to wait to January to get your hands on Davies the assist & FK king!

  • One of my best ever signings was Lewis Buxton, Central defender. 100k or something. Became world class. Nowhere to be seen in real life. lol. Danny Murphy from Crewe was always a great shout.

    Loved a game with Parma. Mutu in the hole 🔥🔥🔥

  • my memory is of signing Lucic and Alexandersson of Sweden bomb proof, and nabbing Pep and West off freebies

  • @Will78

    There are online versions of Premier Manager and Premier Manager 97 that I sometimes find myself hooked on. You can knock out a season in half hour. Barely get through hiring my coaches on FM in that time ha.

  • @Dan-The-Man 👍 May have to check them out.

    Totally understand about the coaches. I played FM on a flight to America once. Think I managed to do my transfers and a couple of league games and we were landing 😂

  • @Will78 Lewis Buxton went to my school in Cowes, Isle of Wight before he started playing for Portsmouth. Knew him when we were 14.

  • i use FM to check out players for upcoming ipo very useful....been playing this since 1992 the old dOmark series ...currently play FM 16 hours a day ive got a huge addiction but its not a problem because i like it =)

  • Completed the game with inter in FM 2013. Promoted a young mario balotelli from the u18s. Drew the first game and won the next 37. Helps when you have Messi and Ronaldo I suppose.

  • @Liljoeyfritzl i think I played Inter in 10/11, as seem to remember they booted Rafa out for me (wise move). Balotelli did become a total beast, although you ended up having to give him an improved contract every couple of months!

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