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  • Saw a couple of tweets today from Football Index about teams of the week. One which is their TOTW (based on PB scores) and then another retweet of the Whoscored TOTW (which referenced FI by the way!!!). Not a big twitter user so this may be a weekly thing..

    Am I reading too much into this or could this possibly be what FI referred to in the div announcement (rewarding long term performance).

    Would love to see FI payout on players in either TOTW on Monday evenings. Traders must hold futures at the time of payout (midnight Monday?). Would stop the mass selloffs we see on Sunday eve/ Monday and keep portfolios stable heading into the midweek games.


  • I wonder how long they've been doing this on Twitter for, but yes this would be a fantastic incentive.

    I originally thought they may do a monthly one but weekly would be superb, if not a little ambitious..

  • Would be a great boost especially for any player who maybe just missed out on Pb on the day due to a massive score from someone else and an give even more value to all top PB scoring players

    Out of that team I would of had 3 players would of been interesting so see previous weeks TOTW

  • Found another one and I had 5 players on that list come on FI make this an extra dividend lol

  • @weerab surely if they do a team of the week based on PB scores then this is going to go to players who have already won PB on a given day, not people who finished a close second or third as you say

  • @Ddr not necessarily I would say that on single and double days the winning scores are not as high as treble match days for example on so all those who come second , third etc on a Saturday / Sunday would then have a chance of winning divs as there scores could quite easily be higher than those on quieter days of the week ?? I could be totally wrong but just my thoughts

  • Looking at last weeks list I know Belotti lost out to Messi as I had him so that would be a 2nd place player getting the bonus couldn’t tell you about the rest though

  • @weerab yeah you could be right, but I'd think a lot of the time the team would be made up mainly of players who had won PB the day they played

  • @Ddr less so on weeks with a lot of matches (domestic league and European competitions).

  • @Metropolis I would've thought the opposite lol

    If there's 6 days with matches on then surely you're more likely to have players in team of the week who have won daily PB in comparison to a week where theres only 3 match days, does that make sense?

  • it's a nice idea, but probably too "after the fact" for a win mechanic. also i wouldn't (and regulators probably wouldn't) want a third party who or may not have a business relationship with FI be responsible for payouts. Imagine if Talksport's very own Jim White was in charge of media payouts from ropey transfer links!

  • They won't do team of the week. 11 added payouts? On top end players most of the time? Lots of which would be duplicate wins on players they've just paid out.

    Also I'm sure their comms said it would benefit long term performance. Team of the week isn't long term, even in the FI world.

    There was also some conflict between statements from Mike and Adam. One suggested it was more about rewarding loyal traders, rather than a player performance based payout.

    Its so vague we are going to have a lot of wild speculation

  • @Metropolis i think its unlikely they will payout on a team of the week as it doesnt really reward consistent performers more than PB winners as its only going to look at one maybe 2 matches for any individual player within that week. It would be mostly pB winners winning again. Im thinking it will be more likely the introduce a team of the month payout or top player in each position over a month

  • Team of the month or positional player of the month be great. They could combine the PB score of all PB eligible games within the month. So not necessarily a player who won Gold on Match 1 will get the Monthly win as someone could consistently score better.

    Player A: scores 350+ wins Gold and score's 3 more 100 scores giving him a total score of 650+
    Player B: scores 4x 200+ winning him positional player of the month with score 800+

    Then add some rule that player must have been held before the first of each month or something like that

  • @Antierror im hoping for exactly that. Im hoping its averages though so teams with a lot of squaud rotation have players that are competitive too
    Or players with more games arent rewarded more than those with less.

    Averages will ensure the most consistent players are rewaded they may need to make it that a player must play more than 2 games in the time period to stop a player with a freak performance with only one PB game winning. For example a non pb team player in the europa league

  • @Black-wolf average is a bit of a difficult one though.

    If player A plays 2 matches: 1 game 350PB 2 game 100PB gives him an average of 250
    If player B plays 4 matches: 4 games with 200PB has an average of 200

    I'd rather see player B get rewarded for consistency

  • @Antierror yeah but a player with 6 games in a month will be more likely to win over a player with 4 who is more consistent if they only stack the scores instead of calculating an average

  • @Black-wolf arguably not the best option either, just reading now the second part of your last post. A minimum amount of games per month could help with ensuring a decent average.

  • @Antierror prob better off taking an average of the best 4 or 5 performances for each player, that way it doesn't matter how many games a player has played, it's about his best performances in the month

  • @Antierror ifelt it would need a minimum incase a player only played one game that month and freaked a 350 as he’d have an average of 350 and thats not a reflection of consistency. There would need to be minimum number if games or a player who takes part in one game say a euro qualifer against an easy team then plays no more PB games that month would be in contention for a top player award and they would need to rule out that happening

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