IPO's: The Nitty Gritty

  • What was the start price? What did you buy at, and how many?

    Please mention the start price to give us an idea of when you bought in. Cheers

  • I planned to only buy Harvey Elliot, Fati or Camavinga but ended up buying some Koita. It was a bit of a combination of FOMO and experimentation.

    I bought max at £1.39 which was around 250 shares. Sold them all around half an hour later because I wanted a cash balance of the 3 I was after. Sold him at £1.40 so I made a slight loss with commission

  • Only bought Salcedo, at 88p. Have no intention of selling any time soon as long term hold.

  • Elliott just 100 at €1.88 after he dropped from 1.99
    Salcedo 500 at 92p

    Was only planning on buying Elliott but missed the ipo by 5-10 minutes, but I also had salcedo, fati and camavinga on my list of future IPOs to look out for.

  • Do you search in the top 200 or squad list for new ipos? Or is depending on price?

  • @Juno the always drop to the squad first then move to top 200 next day if the price is sufficient.
    Ie Fati will drop in the squad list and move to top 200 next day because his ipo price will be high enough

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