Tomori OUT NOW. Thoughts?

  • What is everyone’s feelings on Tomori now on FI just under £2

  • Way too expensive considering PB opportunity for CBs right now, so many full backs available for less money who will be far more likely to return dividends.

  • Massively over inflated price when you look at his other centre defence partners at Chelsea.

    Already priced like his a England regular.

    Just my opinion mind.... 😎

  • Yep, massively overpriced. A centre half who is likely never going to leave Chelsea and has done nothing to prove he is an MB prospect. He will play for England at some point but so what? Callum Wilson is always in the England squad and is nowhere near £2.

    Also...he's 22 in a few weeks, it's not like he's a 17 year old sensation that all England fans are raving about. He isn't even the best English prospect in a Chelsea shirt.

  • I got on him, short term hold for me...hopefully he will get a kick of the ball over the next couple of England games, then will see what happens on the first Chelsea game and go from there...but short term for me.

  • In an over priced IPO bubble. Maybe a couple of events that could see some rises but expect an eventual slow bleed.

    We had him on loan a Hull City a couple of years ago. IMO he's not as good as James Chester. 🧐

  • 70P overpiced according to axel Tuanzebe.

  • He makes Laporte seem even cheaper now at 26p less tbf

  • @Advinculas-Index seeing some of the people his price has flown past is madness. Seems like people have forgotten he’s a centre back 😂

  • These IPO prices are great - they make all the other youngsters look positively cheap.

    Here's hoping Fati sails to £4+ & the defensive midfielder who's worth next to nothing 🤫 hits £3+ 👍

  • He's arguably been the most impressive of our younsters this season. Just gone under the radar a bit with Tammy banging them in and Mount playing well. Barring injuries i can see him forcing his way in to partner Mcguire at the Euros. Not sure what his PB will be like but on Sky Fantasy football he usually wins passing bonus points so sees a lot of the ball.

  • I dont hold reece james but if there's one player that is being made to look cheap by tomori then its surely him

  • @MickTurbo One of the most complete players I have seen in a long time. Watch his performances for Wigan on Youtube and you'll see why they said he was the best player they ever had. He could easily end up playing in midfield and I think will become a much better player than Trent Alexender-Arnold but with not quite as many attacking returns. Once he fully replaces Azpilicueta at right back which should be in the next month or 2 he should easily rise to £4.

  • I wouldn’t touch any Chelsea defender at that price! Only Reece James. Tomori now 7th most expensive defender 😂😂 you can much better defenders for cheaper. Better off buying Axel Tuanzebe at £1.10 or Rudiger 78p just as examples

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