Is it possible that one day

  • All positions will have their own PB's? GK, FB's, CB's , DM's, CM's, AM's, WNG's, ST's. It makes all positions buyable.

  • I don't think it's feasible. The way players rotate positions during games makes it difficult, plus what even is a wing back any more?!

  • @Lukeroro how about a PB dividend based on the share price, so every £1 is each bracket, that way players fight for pb against players in the same bracket as themselves, so under 1, 1-2, 2-3 etc regardless of their position

  • @Ddr how would that work for say £5-£6 when there are hardly any players in that price range

  • Maybe is positions are determined by heatmap average position. That could separate a wing back from a full back, although it would mean players positions changing week by week! Actually forget it....

  • @Andy use a weighted system so that the dividend represents the level of difficulty in that bracket. So as an example, on a match day there is £1 of PB divs available, work out the percentage of players in each bracket and that's the percentage of the available divs on that day for that bracket

  • I'm hoping for a team of the week dividend, so 2/3 cbs get a chance each week, a Gk a dm etc. Will bring some love back to them and wont affect the other positions new values.

  • Doubt there will be changes to all the positions but I do think they need to do something with Goal Keepers. Too many talented GK's valued at 30p or 40p that never get a look in.

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