Thursday Internationals Pb opps.

  • Lots of big nations home to minnows this round. Should be some pedigree players going for the Pb spots.

    Thursday: 3 games stand out:

    France v Moldova
    Pavard, Mendy? Digne? , Griezman, Mbappe

    England v Montenegro
    Trent, Rashford, Kane

    Portugal v Lithuania
    Pereira, Guerreiro, Fernandes, Ronaldo

    Also Hakan if Turkey turn it on.

    Who are you backing/holding? (I don't recommend buying just for a one off pb round, I buy and hold long time). I own most of above just not Ronaldo or Griezman. I own many more playing that I just don't think will win though.

  • France Vs Moldova
    France have a GD of +16, Modolva have a GD of -20 = +36

    England Vs Montenegro
    England have a GD of +20, Montenegro have a GD of -12 = +32

    Portugal Vs Lithuania
    Portugal have a GD of +8, Lithuania have a GD of -14 = +22

    Statistically speaking French players seem like they best bet tonight - especially their strikers.

  • Just swapped my digne's for pavards so a pavardwin would be most welcome whilst a Digne win would be a kick in the teeth.

    Got shares in the queue, if they move I'm buying 300 fernandes for a long term hold but will be suprised if they move in time to he honest

  • Great score from Pavard, no g or a or clean sheet.

  • @Westy feeling pretty pleased with my trade just now. Only frustration is that I keep intending to buy chilwell but putting it off only to see big rises and good pb's

  • @MickTurbo yeh Chilwell is a sickemer, many times and especially when Rodgers got the job I thought about buying big and didn't and then everyone since I've been put off by rises

  • @MickTurbo he's one I will wait for an injury drop to get on

  • @Westy same boat for me on my watch list for 3 weeks, no funds made it worse he beat Ronaldo to star man!

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