Sancho ... he's off 🤔?

  • Could we be seeing the Sancho transfer saga begin already???
    Apparently wants to leave Dortmund come summer,,,multiple articles coming through.

  • He got a bit of a hard time in Dortmund these days, he is claimed to have a low discipline and a hang to arrogance. Could look more like a rough patch rather than transfer

  • Could be the start of it, will be a good test of the MB potential and what happens to his price.

  • Need reclassified as a forward!!! Loads better for PB then.

  • @Tom77 surely the rumours already built in to his price? Hardly a PB king.

  • @Hotspur said in Sancho ... he's off 🤔?:

    @Tom77 surely the rumours already built in to his price? Hardly a PB king.

    I don't own any shares mate and I wouldn't buy I ‘m just interested to see how he does MB wise if this Story gathers pace.
    Like you said his price has it built in on the understanding he will produce MB, so lets see......

  • @NewUser221544 he wont get reclassified while at Dortmund as he plays as one of 3 attacking midfielders not a forward. He only plays as a forward for England

  • What club do people think are most likely to be in for him/sign him? I was convinced the deal to United made a lot of sense, but I really don't see it happening now, think United will prioritise elsewhere

  • @ChazFI123 although it would be great fo FI i dont see how United has ever been a possibility. He may of left city because he wanted game time but i doubt he dislikes them enough to move to United.

    I feel a london club maybe chelsea as he is originally from London is more likely. Other than that it would be Liverpool (klopp/dortmund connection) or back City thats if he comes to the EPL

  • I’m playing the other card and buying other wingers because they will all be used as ‘red herrings’ in the battle for sancho.

  • @Black-wolf Liverpool would have to sell one of the front 3 before buying him, don't think they'd do that unless they had to. Chelsea, just spent big on Pulisic and have CHO so can't see them spending 100 mill+ on a winger. City maybe if they sold Sane, but Bernardo and Sterling are both probably one of Peps first names on the team sheets so would Sancho want to go to be behind them? I really do think there's very little realistic options for him now, will be interesting to see what fee he'd command

  • @ChazFI123 I do still think Utd are probably one of the only teams that he could realistically go to, in England anyways. Not going to Chelsea, city (you can include mahrez into the mix as well, too many forwards) or Liverpool for said reasons, the only other prem team he might go to is spurs, they could actually use another forward.
    Euros will probably determine what price he will go for, it will either shoot up by a lot or tank quite a bit according to his performances

  • @ChazFI123 Possibly Salah off if they win the Prem and Sancho in.

  • @Andy I think the United board will try save money and convince fans James is at the club so they don't need Sancho! Think it'll be a striker and centre mid next on the shopping list.

    I think Spurs makes a lot of sense, and I think they're at a massive cross roads, they either need to try and kick on or do what Arsenal always did and just try to consolidate 4th place every year. Could maybe see someone like Lucas Moura going the other way as part of any deal or something.

    @gball1975 as much as I wouldn't want Liverpool to sign Sancho, would be quite interesting to see an all English right hand side. TAA and Sancho, Beckham and Neville esque!

  • He really needs to be returning dividends now. He is not priced as a player to be returning them into the future. If you look at the 6 players beneath him, they are some of the dividend heavyweights and likely to be returning for a couple more years yet. He needs to be getting close to matching those players soon. I would say this is anxious times for holders as if he starts getting linked with a move, and doesnt return divs, he is gonna drop. A bit like how it is sometimes better for a youngster not to play.

  • One of the London clubs would be his preference, particularly Chelsea as he was boyhood fan and would like working under Frank Lampard. Given his age and he is already starting for England a move to the prem will move his Price to £7-8 imo.

  • @FootyKnowledge82 Chelsea have spent big money on Pulisic and they have CHO coming through the ranks, highly doubt he'd move to Chelsea.

  • @ChazFI123 Yeah, you're probably right about the board trying to save money, as much as I don't want that to happen, if they didn't spend big this summer when we needed to and they didn't, I don't see that stopping them next summer.

    Yeah if he actually goes to Spurs, Kane at ST, Son/Sancho on wings and Alli at no.10 could be interesting twitch.

    Utd have next to no chance of signing Sancho unless champions league football is achieved for next season. Looking unlikely at the moment for us

  • @ChazFI123 he supports man utd and is apparently very good mates with either lingard or rashford or could be city wouldnt play him even tho sancho said he was good enough at the time so no way would he go to city when they basically binned a utd fan this excites me alot

  • @ChazFI123 but chelsea have spent very little of the Hazard money due to the transfer ban so i actually think the are in a very strong financial position at the moment

    Regarding united, aside from being a rival to the club that helped him to be the player he is today they dont have champions league football and are unlikely to next season and i wouldnt be surprised if theyre wage bill isnt already pretty stretched to accommodate Sancho at the moment

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