TOTS for PB ?

  • So interesting speculation on Twitter that these FI TOTS (team of the season) tweets will form the basis for the long-term reward PB payments mentioned in the Dividend review. Makes a lot of sense really, a monthly payout for each league based on highest average score perhaps ?

    My first thoughts are that this would be good for the usual high base mids - Kroos, Parejo et al , also could see a resurgence of the high-passing CBs (who have high average PB without hitting peak scores ) - Tah, Akanji etc. Sven Bender is in the Bundesliga one for example who I think makes the highest number of passes in all the leagues without seeming to do much else. Also opportunity for goalies here , just speculatively picked up some Yan Sommer, you know just in case!

    Any thoughts ?

  • A one off team of the season wont do much to raise the bar again...unless the 11 divs are massive!

    But we should hope a team of the week will be introduced.

  • @Westy yeah it would have to be atleast £1 per share imo to have any kind of impact or encourage season long holds for most folk

  • @Black-wolf yeh and tots would mean a gold rush on those players near the prize, then a dump. You wouldn't need to hold all season, whereas a weekly offering would encourage a long hold of decent players.

  • Can’t realistically see them introducing another way to win dividends anytime soon? Especially so close the the dividend review. Would be great to have a totw or team of the month though.

  • @CJ0101 they did say they had plans to introduce a system to reward the consistently high scoring players that don’t necessarily always win on matchdays when they announced the dividend increase

  • @Black-wolf Yeah I know I just cant see it being this season is all. Would love it if I’m wrong and they did.

  • Would say TOTS wouldn’t be often enough a pay out but TOTW too often a pay out although would personally love it to be that so the middle ground of TOTM would seem the logical option keep traders interested and not too often a payout for FI

  • @weerab maybe monthly or a 1st half of the season up to the January transfer window and then after

  • Yeah the TOTS acronym is a bit misleading, they actually call it ‘TOTS so far’ so that could be every month or something.

  • This is what FI said, which sounds good. Doesn’t say when it would be implemented but something else to look forward to...

    • We want to reward long-term player performance. We’re looking to implement a performance score, accrued over a number of games, which will be rewarded at the end of specified periods

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