Arsenal Youngsters

  • Been a big dip in the likes of Willock, Saka & Nketiah since DIV changes- what are holders thinking of doing with these and when can we expect the situation to turn around??

  • I think all Arsenal players will probably get a bit of a boost in price if Emery goes, but the youngsters won't get a substantial boost until they start looking like winning dividends or get exposed to the first team more

  • Not just the youngsters, golden boot winner Aubamayang has been dropping last few weeks, don't think anything will change until they get back to winning ways

  • before i press the button on selling these can anyone list any positives?

  • If Tottenham start smashing it, Arsenal may take note at how a change of manager can be productive.

  • @G27

    that Emery has been using them and most youngster based in england are one good game away from flying. Say if Saka plays against Frankfurt next week and does well he will go back up - check his and Martinelli's graph from those earlier games.

    I'm not saying this will happen, but that's the potential upside.

  • For me Martinelli was one of the main reasons I wanted to get involved with FI. He has already shown exceptional qualities for a youngster. He models himself on Ronaldo which is not a bad thing. I'm not saying he will reach that level but the potential is obvious. A long term hold for sure. Haven't gone that big on him as I am a bit cautious in my early days trading but for anyone holding, keep the faith.

  • Don't forget Reiss Nelson - should also get a boost when Emery goes. He has showed good PB potential, just needs game time.

  • @Buyandsell-Tel I really like Martinelli and have been massively impressed by him. Only reservation I have about him is the fact that he's a striker and look around FI and you'll see generally that wingers are kind of more valuable in general. He's already £2.50 so I think he already has a lot of potential built into his price. He's already more expensive than Aubameyang, who similarly to him will probably need atleast 2 goals and GWG to have a chance of winning PB. Exciting player to have in the PL

  • What are peoples thoughts on Guendouzi?

    when i see a graph like this and a managerial change in the pipeline it piques my interest


  • @Advinculas-Index for me I think he'll fall into the category of a good player but not for FI. Don't think he'll ever be the player in midfield to make Arsenal tick, I think he'll be alongside that player to give them legs and work rate. I think he's still got a fair drop left in him

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