Tempted to sell Sterling

  • The word ceiling gets bandied about a lot these days. I bought into Sterling at £4.90 so have quite a handsome profit. I was going to hold him until the Euros but not sure how much higher he can realistically go so thinking about taking my profit. Might get a drop coming and then I may even buy a few back.

    Thoughts please?

  • @Ralph-Wiggum I hold since £4.26...no way am I selling.
    PB and MB and CL football. Best player England have and joint favourites for the Euros.

  • But when he's winning us the euros and fighting racism around the world... Lots of divs to collect before you need to sell.

  • How long is a piece of string?

    Pre share split through platform growth and increased dividends the top FI players were 21 quid a share.

    They already said they would review dividends in line with market activity and with all the advertising etc I'm sure they are intending to grow much further

    Is there any reason we wont see shares hit those highs again over the next year or two? Sterling is young enough to see through a 3 year hold. We could have gone to 21 quid per share had another share split and risen back up to 10quid + again.

    On the other end of scale FI could have a competitor go worldwide or create something a bit better and money will fall out the platform onto the next best thing and your Sterling shares could decimate before you get out.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum i wouldnt sell him. He’s on track to be considered up there with the best players in the world one day, he’s also fast becoming an ambassador for footballs fight against racism and will likely be englands MB player as its currently Kane and lets face it the media is forced upon him, he doesnt have the personality or character to be a media icon. I wouldnt be surprised if Sterling goes onto be the undisputed king of the index one day

  • @Ralph-Wiggum don't be silly if ur hard up Il ship u some pot noodles!

  • @Ralph-Wiggum how many shares you got??

  • @Riley's-Liegemen said in Tempted to sell Sterling:

    How long is a piece of string?

    im not sure but Werner Heisenberg had his own theory iirc

  • Definitely keep - he's a long-term hold. Earlier this year he was my biggest holding in terms of money spent so I sold about a third of my futures because I thought I had too much money in one player. I made a good profit on the futures I sold and the remaining futures continue to rise with good dividends coming in but it feels like I made a mistake to sell any at all.

  • Yea you'd be mad to sell him. Unless you only have a few and want to buy a few hundred penny stocks with the proceeds

  • I've held since under £2 don't see any reason to sell whatsoever, only plus points for me, Playing best football of his life, will get linked with big Spanish clubs in Summer, the face of anti racism guarantees huge MB,.
    Safest hold on index for me.

  • @gball1975 said in Tempted to sell Sterling:

    @Ralph-Wiggum how many shares you got??

    75, but I think the responses to this thread have persuaded me to keep.

    Thanks all.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum for only 75 keep all of them...if you had a couple of hundred I'd say sell half but keep them all.

  • I was hoping you was going to say at least 10,000. I was about to say sell, so I could buy him cheaper,
    I would continue to hold for sure!👍

  • ive been on the index for nearly 2 years, and in that time he's been one of the safest yet profitable players on the index. hold

  • Sorry thought this was someone being funny🤨

    Can't think of a much safer hold on the whole of the index and I would have thought you'd have to search long and hard to find anyone who wants to sell at this stage.

    Of course we all have to take profits at some stage and timing that is the hardest thing to do but you gotta hold until at least the Euro's.

    Good luck whatever course you choose to take😉

  • IMO he's overpriced for a player who's been starting in the highest scoring team for years but has just 4 pb wins with none of them star player.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum

    There isn't a ceiling.

    People who say that there is, have short memories. Last year people were paying £24 for 1 future of Pogba. To buy 1 future of Sterling this time last year it would have cost you £9 which rose sharply to £15.

    He is now, arguably the best forward in the Premier League and will dominate the Euro's. On top of that, he's press friendly and just showed his bad boy streak a few days ago.

    I say all of this, as a guy who sold him 6 months ago and won't be buying back in... but that's because I'm focused on super cheap players but don't be shocked if this time next year, there are players on the market going for £15.

  • @NallyCat said in Tempted to sell Sterling:

    IMO he's overpriced for a player who's been starting in the highest scoring team for years but has just 4 pb wins with none of them star player.

    He's also got loads of MB wins in the bank and lots more to come. This is something rare these days. The Joe Gomez spat won't be forgotten about anytime soon by the press.

    If I hadn't once owned Sterling already, i would definitely have him in my port.

  • put the gun down @Ralph-Wiggum and let Raheem live.

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