Tempted to sell Sterling

  • I was hoping you was going to say at least 10,000. I was about to say sell, so I could buy him cheaper,
    I would continue to hold for sure!👍

  • ive been on the index for nearly 2 years, and in that time he's been one of the safest yet profitable players on the index. hold

  • Sorry thought this was someone being funny🤨

    Can't think of a much safer hold on the whole of the index and I would have thought you'd have to search long and hard to find anyone who wants to sell at this stage.

    Of course we all have to take profits at some stage and timing that is the hardest thing to do but you gotta hold until at least the Euro's.

    Good luck whatever course you choose to take😉

  • IMO he's overpriced for a player who's been starting in the highest scoring team for years but has just 4 pb wins with none of them star player.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum

    There isn't a ceiling.

    People who say that there is, have short memories. Last year people were paying £24 for 1 future of Pogba. To buy 1 future of Sterling this time last year it would have cost you £9 which rose sharply to £15.

    He is now, arguably the best forward in the Premier League and will dominate the Euro's. On top of that, he's press friendly and just showed his bad boy streak a few days ago.

    I say all of this, as a guy who sold him 6 months ago and won't be buying back in... but that's because I'm focused on super cheap players but don't be shocked if this time next year, there are players on the market going for £15.

  • @NallyCat said in Tempted to sell Sterling:

    IMO he's overpriced for a player who's been starting in the highest scoring team for years but has just 4 pb wins with none of them star player.

    He's also got loads of MB wins in the bank and lots more to come. This is something rare these days. The Joe Gomez spat won't be forgotten about anytime soon by the press.

    If I hadn't once owned Sterling already, i would definitely have him in my port.

  • put the gun down @Ralph-Wiggum and let Raheem live.

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  • I bought into Sterling a few hours ago (he has 8 PB matches in the next 30 days which should provide plenty of IPDs), so was slightly concerned to find this thread.

    But I bought him mainly for PB and MB dividends. He should deliver plenty of both as he’s a quality attacking player playing in a quality attacking team (for both club and country). The media seem to like writing about him too, which is always helpful.

    Any cap app is a secondary consideration for me with him.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum I'd keep. I sold before the div announcement for 6 quid or so and i am still sore about it. Same story with Madison 😩

  • @Ralph-Wiggum I had this exact same thought with TAA at £4 and look how well that’s worked out. There is no way to gage a players ceiling anymore, traders mentality to what they are prepared to pay has changed.

  • @TwattyRaphael Funny you mention that as I sold at a profit at the time TAA at 3.81 and thought I was being clever.
    Within around a week or so he was 4.12 and I thought sod it I've got to jump back on and Christ glad I did.
    Yeah what is the ceiling with some of these players🤔

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