• I'm considering buying some for the Euros this summer given that he's recorded constantly high PB scores in the qualifiers (2nd MF and 3rd overall today) he's cheap as chips at 64p and Croatia got to the WC final last time out. Anyone got any thoughts, I'm thinking he's worth a punt....

  • @9stevo Certainly worth a look. I wouldn't go big personally due to age but looks like he may be off to Italy next season so still has some long term value.

    The Croatia midfield is strong and will be interesting to see how they setup. Kovacic is looking good at Chelsea now and Rakitic surely has a starting spot. Brozovic also offering value defensively. Either way, if Modric performs as he did in the WC then 64p is looking like very good value.

    Not meaning to hijack your post but any thoughts on who would replace him at Madrid?

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