Tyler Adams back in training for Leipzig

  • Showed real potential since his move from NY Red Bulls but been sidelined for a while, he's back in training now and at 81p surely must be one to buy for the long term his return for Leipzig shouldn't be too long now and if he shows the class he did before injury he could be a good Investment, what's your thoughts ?

  • I bought into him around a month ago ready for his comeback, expecting big things from him this season. Hopefully he gets up to match fitness quite quickly

  • Leipzig teams are hard to guess this season, will have to play well to get back into the first 11

  • i think they got Hannes Wolf returning from injury soon also, they have got some top quality PB friendly players in there squad i own too many already lol

  • Bought in and out of him a couple of times over the last year. Currently on him.

    He looks potential top quality to me. Better than out Man United currently have playing in their midfield.

    Jury is out if he is good for the PB matrix though.

  • Straight into the RB Leipzig starting line-up. Shows they have quite a lot of faith in him. Will be interesting to see how he gets on today PB wise

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