Monday Internationals PB opps.

  • Gibraltar v Switzerland
    Guess Voldemort (xhaka) needs a mention. I've sold up, but I bought originally due to pb potential last season. Seems to play better for Switzerland.

    Stafylidis Greece v Finland

    Ireland v Denmark
    Will Parrott play? Interesting to see what his PB will be like.
    Eriksen! Poulsen.

    Malta v Norway

    Lichtenstein v Bosnia
    Pjanic, Dzeko, kolasinac

    Italy v Armenia
    Emerson, Jorginho

    Spain v Romania
    Morata, Thiago, Ramos,
    Ruiz? Carvajal? Sarabia? Cazorla? Alcacer?

    Sweden v Faroes
    Isak has won it before in a round.

    Think Luxembourg v Portugal showed the importance of playing on a good pitch, so with Spain, Sweden and Italy being home to lesser teams, I fancy the winners to come from them.

  • Gonna be a load of rotation with most teams qualified already - Ireland v Denmark obviously the biggie from a qualification perspective.

    Fabain Ruiz didn't play against Malta so expect him to play today and run the show for Spain but it's hard to see past Italy and Sweden for the PB wins so I'm gonna go Romagnoli, Jorginho and Forsberg.

  • Traded my jorginho's in 2 days ago for barella. Made really good profits on jorginho in about a 5 week hold and decided barella had more to offer long term so I'd love to see him challenging for PB

  • Norway - Josh King
    Switzerland - Elvedi, Xhaka, Zakaria
    Sweden- Forsberg
    Denmark - Skov
    Italy - Barella
    Spain - Bernat, Rodri, Alcacer (rotation with Morata?)

  • As @janner73 says, expect lots of rotation and as such there may well be some unexpected PB winners. Personally, hoping that Immobile gets a start tonight as he didn't feature in the last game and with Italy qualified some of those on the fringe might get a look in.

    The same goes for Spain and Sweden. Plenty of rotation and wouldn't be surprised if someone rogue like Marcus Berg of Seb Andersson gets top forward.

  • @MickTurbo All the predicted line-ups I've seen suggest Barella will be rotated tonight. All seem to have a midfield of Castrovilli, Jorginho, Zaniolo.

  • @janner73 cheers bud, oh well, like I said hes a long term hold anyway in my view so no point worrying about today 👍

  • Emerson home to Armenia looks a decent shout

  • I don't think Parrott will play. It's looking like Maguire will get the nod ahead of him.

  • Di lorenzo is expected to play for italy at right back.

  • @Tom77 And Biraghi at left back I believe.

  • @janner73 said in Monday Internationals PB opps.:

    @Tom77 And Biraghi at left back I believe.

    Yep, Emerson can’t do 2 games in a week anyway.

  • @Julian-Noble I don't either. It would be crazy to start him in a "win to qualify" match and all the pressure that comes with that. I guess if its 0-0 with 20 minutes to go and you've nothing to lose you throw him on and he has a chance to be the hero.

  • Denis Zakaria - Switzerland, starting to rack up decent pb scores of late

  • Could Kulusevski get a start for Sweden ? Or at least come on and grab a goal. Great opportunity.

  • Doubt he will start again but I'd look out for Gerard Moreno if he does start. Xhaka posted a great score last run out for Switzerland so again if he starts I'd rate his chances.

  • was gonna say Moreno as well, Had a great game last time out was so unlucky with the disallowed goal, i hope he keeps his place and has another good showing.

  • Victor Lindelöf, has 3 in 33 for country.

    Do you think he is at the price that would see a tiny rocket should he score? I do hold and have done for a while and am 4p a share up on him - wondering when the right time is to get out.

    Part of me is thinking, take the tiny % and run whilst the other part of me says he may well be involved in transfer rumors as I think he will want to leave Utd whenever Jose gets a job somewhere.

    What do people think?

  • Has everyone forgot about Ricardo Rodriguez? got 230 in a 1-0 win for switzerland last time out and up against Gibraltar for a chance to top the group

  • @Moukoko
    Good shout for tonight. Any reason why he hasn't been a regular starter for his club this year?

    I looked at buying him about 6 weeks ago but decided against it as seems he doesn't start every game at Milan.

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