Monday Internationals PB opps.

  • @Con01 He had game winning goal until Armenia scored and then Zaniolo had the gwg.

  • @Gazz127 thanks for the explanation, didn't realise it worked like that.

  • @Con01 when armenia scored, the game winning goal which was immobile's switched to zanilo, hence his score went up and immobile's went down. it happends, i would be annoyed if i didn't also have moreno :)

    Anyway still no excuse to IS immobile like many will have done (was 1.91 now 1.88) he is a quality hold, he will win PB another day, for now just enjoy the IPDs for tonight and he will net plenty more of them in the next 30 days if you have just bought in tonight so dont worry about that.

  • @Gazz127 be interesting to see if Moreno has claimed a spot in the starting XI after the last two games, looks a real PB contender in the international set up.

    I plan to hold through to the Euros but doubt he can replicate these scores at club level with any consistency, mainly just because Villarreal aren't a dominant enough team. Now if he gets a move to a bigger club + secures a place in the Spanish first XI could really be a great option.

  • @DW Well he is at least putting himself in the shop window with his international start.
    Hopefully can take this form in to La Liga.

  • @Chris-C Yeah I think I was just annoyed at how close he was to winning top striker. Keeping him for a while that's for sure, earned me a good amount of dividends already. Again, I appreciate the explanation, never been in the situation where that's happened so glad I know why.

  • @NewUser455434

    Was thinking that mate. Some high PB scores there tonight. Shame Barella got took off at half time as he was looking like he could of hit 200+. Zaniolo looks like a great player for PB.

  • @Black-wolf Also hold him at 20p, sat there quietly at the bottom of my port, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him 1st defender on 259. That's not a bad score at all, cant believe he got beat by a point. almost wish I hadn't of checked!

  • @Gazz127 hopefully on both 🤞. Top forward with only 57 minutes on the pitch today, what a result!

  • @johnboywalker
    Interesting that he scored 150ish last night (5th ranked defender) despite conceding a goal, picking up a yellow card and not being involved in any of the 6 goals that Switzerland scored. If he can get a move in January and gets regular starts at his new club with some set piece duties, I'll be keeping a close eye on his PB scores. I've just bought 100 for now but will monitor.

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