Your top 20 for Euro 2020 Finals

  • As the favourites are England, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and the EL & CL favourites include Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, Juve, Lazio, Bayern, PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Seville, Roma if you were just starting off and had £10000 to spend across 20 players who play within these teams, who would go for and why? Each of the 20 must play for one of the five Euro 2020 favourites and for a EL or CL favourite.

  • Hey mate, Noticed you had Lazio in your list, bear in mind that they only have a couple more matches left in the EL, given that they inexplicable screwed up qualifying despite having an easy group. Having said that Luis Alberto is still worth it in my opinion, i would like to think as long as his form continues he would make the spain squad by the time the euros come around.

  • @Chris-C really rate this lad and seems to be very good for PB and everything for Lazio seems to go through him. Not sure about his Spain credentials though, that midfield is loaded and Spain usually like picking players playing in Spain, think him and Fabian Ruiz might be competing for the same spot.

  • They all dont fit your criteria but my port is being shaped by players i expect to produce good returns in the Euros and Summer.

    Having some of or all of these in your portfolio will generate a good stream of divs and cap app as we approach the tournament and during.

    Kai Havertz
    De Bruyne
    Fabian Ruiz
    Eden Hazard
    Donyell Malen
    Thiago Alcantara
    Paco Alcacer
    Corentin Tolisso
    Lorenzo Insigne
    Halsten Berg
    Timothy Castagne

  • @Chris-C Cheers for that. Yes it was a really close call between Alberto and Ruiz. Went Ruiz as he’s younger but Alberto stats impressive

  • @NewUser384837 Great list that

  • @NewUser384837 @Carport … I'd like to add Barella & Gundogan & Kimmich to this list (but great list as it is)

  • @gball1975 agreed, all good shouts

  • Could probably do with some timo werner in there, maybe instead of Havertz, who hasnt exactly set the world on fire this season, also Sabitzer, Those two guys are doing a nice little Liepzig double act for me at the moment, and both nailed on for the Euros as well.

  • I only have a 9 player port but it is:

    TAA, Depay, Gundagon, Neymar, Werner, Kane, Kimmich, Messi and Sabitzer. Will move Messi on around March time and potentially plow all the money into Griezmann we'll see. Reduced it down to 9 players so that I can take more of a passive role in the market and hoping to hold most if not all of my Euro players at least till the tournament.

  • One who fits the bill but I do t think has had a mention is Pavard. 3 great shouts from gball there as well

  • @MickTurbo Cheers pal, hoping for a Kimmich upload soon as down on him currently. Think everyone was taking profit out from his big spick from a few weeks ago but definitely going to continue to hold. Gundogan down recently but I may use this as a top up opportunity.

  • @gball1975 Barella PB stats not great. You thinking longer term?

  • @Carport That's Barella's problem. He is a fantastic player who I rate very highly but his PB is poor and at Inter he's competing with Brozovic and Sensi and for Italy with Verrati, Jorginho and Sensi.

  • @Carport Long term hold, will increase as the season goes on, always first choice for Italy, Mancini loves him.
    PB isn't great but he may sneak a couple when it hits a goal or 2 hopefully.

  • @gball1975 even now I'm +42p on kimmich. Been really struggling to make my mind up on him but it just smacks of a sell that will kick you again and again so I'm keeping hold

  • Fabian Ruiz stands out as one who ticks all the boxes. Only 23, is becoming Spain's main man and will inevitably leave Napoli in a massive transfer, probably to Barca, Real Madrid or Man City.

    Havertz is in the same boat but his form for Leverkusen will need monitoring.

    Two players for decent but not top teams who I think are great holds for the Euros period are.....

    Denis Zakaria - Very impressive for Gladbach and Switzerland this season. Has been linked with Man U among others and is exactly the type of player to end up in the PL. £1.33.

    Ruslan Malinovskyi - Talented, eye catching attacking midfielder for Atalanta and Ukraine who takes set pieces, dribbles a lot is capable of the spectacular. Chelsea already linked, with Makelele recommending him. £1.29 looks very cheap.

    All these are good ages, play for decent teams, are in UEFA club competitions, and have likely transfer sagas to go with their tournament exposure.

  • Does anyone know if the Euro Play-offs count for PB and IPD?

  • @NewUser731 Not officially but I don't see why they wouldn't. They are Euro Qualifiers at the end of the day and Euro Qualifiers are PB and IPD eligible so I'm expecting them to count.

  • @janner73 It's potentially a few more games and opportunities for certain players. Not sure why they should get an advantage for being mediocre but worth knowing either way.

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