De Arrascaeta

  • Bought in, a bit over a month ago, only for his price to go backwards.

    Just wondered what people thoughts were with regards to potential transfers etc in January, or do you think he will be one of these stay at home south americans. Interestingly according to transfermarket he has italian citerzenship which is interesting and would hopefully aid any move to europe. But knowing my luck he would end up in Holland or something.

    Alternatively any other suggestions for S.american players who could well me on the move over to Europe. Not including Thiago Almeada, cause that's a given.

    Thanks in advance

  • @Chris-C Exequiel Palacios and Agustin Almendra both have fairly strong transfer rumours for moves to Europe. Pedrinho is another one that is regularly linked.

  • @janner73 Cheers Janner, Agustin Almendra looks interesting. His graph shows that he has had a dip the last month or so, would you say now was a good time to get on?

  • @Chris-C Finding the bottom of the dip is never easy - I don't think he'll drop much under 80p ahead of the January window now but he could drop a little further from where he is now. It all depends on how soon another story or rumour breaks .

  • What I do know of him is that he's only recently signed for Flamengo from Cruziero after forcing the move there so it would take a few quid to get him back to Europe as they payed a Brazilian record fee for him.... and that's if Flamengo are also ready to cash in yet

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