• I’ve never bought a player for ipd/flipping and have just had a £200 bonus this week so I was thinking I could try it with this. Is £200 enough or even any cheapish suggestions would be appreciated.

  • @Woody absolutely it is enough because you dont wanna be going north of a quid, ideally I like to stick well below a quid for IPD's. £200 will buy you 400 of a 50p player, of which there are plenty who will get goals.

    Look to the prem in the short term because of the european winter breaks. I hold quite a few of these players at present.

    Chris wood is only 48p, burnley have decent fixtures in the next 2 months and chris wood has proved he can score goals.

    Troy deeney 51p due back from injury which could be huge for watford. He will score goals.

    Another I hold who I view as a lottery ticket is theo walcott. 39p. He is still IPD eligible for me but when the 30 days elapse I'll probably just let him sit there and fester because at some point this season he'll score a brace and probably rise very well at which point ill sell to market at a profit.

    There are plenty of other perfectly good ones though. Bit pricier is josh king 98p, playing against malta tonight, hit 105p before the faroes match the other day, malta are every bit as bad.

  • @Woody if you are looking for tonight id maybe focus on the Swiss, Norway and Sweden but try to stick to players within PB leagues too or you may get stuck with them for a while

  • Thanks, you’ve gave me food for thought:-)

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