Spreads inconsistent

  • Can anyone enlighten me as to why the spreads are so big on some players and not on others (I'm thinking specifically Benjamin Mendy where he is 1.67/1.52 compared to Alderweireld who is 1.61/1.56).

    Surely if the spreads were closer together, then many people would sell quicker rather than holding etc and therefore there'd be more transactions taking place and therefore more 2% commissions for Football Index to be collecting. At the moment it seems that it doesn't suit the traders and also doesn't suit the FI.

    Can someone explain it to me? Thanks!

  • @Golfing-Grandad my understanding is that they put bigger spreads on certain players to discourage a bit sell off because if loads of people sell they will as you say make lots of money but it may put off new users if they see it's a very volatile market where they can easily lose a lot.

  • @Stevo I'd be more comfortable though if the spreads were closer as then if you changed your mind and wanted to bail out on something you've done and later regretted, then it isn't as costly to do so.

    I thought that would be a safer option for people, as like you say, it will increase volatility, but then fi someone did get nervous and bail on what they initially bought, then they can do with a little less cost and newbies may feel safer with that - I say this as a newbie myself who joined the platform this week.

  • Start of with a smaller among of cash invested then to get a better feel before committing a lot of cash or do more research.

  • FI are inconsistent with this spread. I understand the large spread with sanchez pc Neymar I ain’t bothered with however Son has been constantly used has a Funancial Instrament and not a future I am not blaming anyone for me not selling on the spike however when there’s a pattern to this it’s about time FI picked up on it has when you have a player irrelevant of if his team are in or out of a competition playing world class and working class people losing when players are in hot form 50p a share drop people question if this is just a tactical stockmarket for short term gain or if it’s based on future performance of a player at all. I understand it’s dog eat dog however when people ask how many active users I myself think it’s about 10,000 with 140,000 drove away or had a bad kicking. Like I say if we’re playing hardball leave the spreads at 3% on Neymar PC and Sanchez too and let them drop £s for investors to jump on accross the board not just the select few... or pretect other shares with such history,,, also Dyzuba why change his club after people have invested why not at time of Loan not a month or two latter... sold anyway so not moaning but unfair on holders.... and other thing Son was leading board part crash was due to him losing 100 points mid game and getting a email after my share drop £125 the next day saying there changing the system after the events happened(after horse has bolted so to speak) is not good enough.. more Walls sausages here than Wall Street at times.. now someone else is saying about other changes too coming in we was told that November was last major change. I’m still pi$$ed off about how 200 becomes 2000 on a aparantly regulated fix odds bet still for the life of me can’t work out that where has a 1/200 to 1/2000 mid stake work out at a fixed odds bet when chances of someone investing in my players decreased ten fold lost 30% of my profit in a few days and mainly due to changes tinkering and or removal of instant sell early. it continues I’ll withdrew everything and only place single bets on bankers based on runs and patterns ... rant over and hope everyone’s ok. Had allot of work hence few replys

  • I'm reviving some old threads today like but cant see any rhyme or reason to these spreads


    All things considered, Brewster spread seems completely out of step with that of pulisic, felix and bale

  • @MickTurbo I reckon fi try to evaluate the risk in each player ie the more risk the bigger the spread. Bale for instance he's a massive risk so if things go tits fi is trying to prevent a crash with everyone ISing . Just my thoughts but from what I've witnessed so far this seems to be the case.

  • Check out Dani Alves...


    Yeah, apparently they have a risk team assessing these things.

    Remember when you IS it's FI that are buying these futures. So even if they take the 2% they don't want to over pay. They pay want they feel is fair given the circumstances.

    So I suppose Dani Alves is old. Might only have a year or two left so that's a risk.

  • @MickTurbo said in Spreads inconsistent:

    I'm reviving some old threads today like but cant see any rhyme or reason to these spreads


    All things considered, Brewster spread seems completely out of step with that of pulisic, felix and bale


    It's about the same percentage wise as pulisic. Bale is obviously riskier so higher spread. There was probably a bit of a sell off of felix when he transferred increasing the spread.

    All seems logical to me

  • You can’t expect to sell something that nobody else will buy off you for a competitive price. It wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

  • The spreads are big at the bottom - e.g. Endo on 9p, IS at 7p. That's a 22% spread!

  • What @Jonah said cleared it up for me. I didnt fully understand tbh. I thought it was based only on price, and then increased if somebody rose sharply. Hence I expected to see a larger spread on Brewster.

    I realize now that it's more layered in terms of perceived risk. Interesting!

  • @MickTurbo just an observation but seems in most cases to be true

  • @Jonah I think you're right, I'd not given it a huge amount of thought to be honest, but looking at the spreads which caused the confusion it does make sense. People are on the fence about felix and bales at a cross roads

  • Marcus Rashford - proven in the prem and scores goals and provides them, will get a lot of game time this season. 22p spread which seems a bit much for me.

    Now you’ve got Daniel James 😒 - signs for Utd from Swansea, come the start of the season and he has a 21p spread. Absolutely ridiculous, whether he has scored his first Utd goal or not is irrelevant. That spread for someone’s PL debut is an absolute joke.

  • @NewUser382165 i dont think they individually pick the spread though i assume it is based on a price movement vs time factor and wont go by pence but by percentage movement over time

  • When i joined this time last year im sure that most of the spreads tended to be 3% as a rule, this is certainly no longer the case.

  • Come on guys, do your maths:
    Felix 5%,
    Bale 8%,
    Pog 5%,
    the rest are 3%.
    Popular players have always been a bit higher.

  • @Ollie

    Well just took me 2 mins to pull out a variety of spreads ranging from 5% to 20%


  • As a further observation to the point about fi assessing risk and altering the spread i physically saw coutinho's instant sell price get moved from 1.99 to 1.80 on thursday morning while his buy price stayed at a constant 2.12

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