Spreads inconsistent

  • @NewUser382165 i dont think they individually pick the spread though i assume it is based on a price movement vs time factor and wont go by pence but by percentage movement over time

  • When i joined this time last year im sure that most of the spreads tended to be 3% as a rule, this is certainly no longer the case.

  • Come on guys, do your maths:
    Felix 5%,
    Bale 8%,
    Pog 5%,
    the rest are 3%.
    Popular players have always been a bit higher.

  • @Ollie

    Well just took me 2 mins to pull out a variety of spreads ranging from 5% to 20%


  • As a further observation to the point about fi assessing risk and altering the spread i physically saw coutinho's instant sell price get moved from 1.99 to 1.80 on thursday morning while his buy price stayed at a constant 2.12

  • @Advinculas-Index Point taken, I was responding to the screenshot shown

  • Another example, I bought Marcus Berg (FK Krasnodar) before tonight’s champions league qualifying started. As soon as I bought my shares (only 125 I might add) his spread went from 1p to 3p 😡 as his price % increase didn’t rise at all before the game started other than when I purchased my shares, I’m failing to understand the logic!! Makes me want to pull out of FI, it’s because of things like this that nobody with limited money can make a decent return on a player and use the profits to build their portfolio.

  • @NewUser382165 Yeah yesterday I noticed a lot of the squad player under 50p spreads had increased from a penny to 3p (willian Jose, deeney etc, used to hold both), was hoping it was just to deter a monday sell, not impressed they're still 3p.

  • I thought I understood the spreads. FI needing to buy back shares, buying back the riskier shares and deterring mass sell offs.

    Here's one I don't understand. For most of the Summer Pogba was probably the highest risk player (maybe after Bale but more money invested) on FI. His spread was consistently 32p. Now he is less of a risk, 99% certain of staying at Man Utd and his spread is 40p. Not certain when, or why, it changed. Thoughts?

    I am not looking to sell, just curious. I have given up watching Pogba's price as it is a pointless exercise that defies logic. I cannot afford to buy more, I am not selling so his current price is irrelevant. My 500 shares return exactly the same dividends wether he is £6 or £9.

  • Jose Campana - 48p and a 5p spread

    Looking at his 1 year graph a steady rise, born in 1993, plays regualar football for Levante, good PB. No volatility in his graph, doesn't make sense


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