Super Fast Alerts when new IPO players drop

  • Hi All,

    Just letting you know about a free twitter based service i found for IPO's. ( A lot of you probably already use it)

    Basically, it sends a tweet with the players name as soon as they drop on FootballIndex and allow you to get in their fast and cheap.

    Turn notifications on for best effect.

  • @NewUser479270 hi mate, wish I'd know about this in the past!! how fast is it?

  • Really fast, like straight away fast, i got Ansu and Camavinga for great prices

  • By the time anyone has received a notification & logged in/on & clicked on the players name - you're already too late.

    You have a 3-4 second window max before the price has moved 40-50p.

    Pointless following them.

  • @Ericali How do you know how fast the notifications are? And most people are already logged in , you dont know what your talking about mate

  • @NewUser479270 oh dear you poked him 😜

  • @NewUser479270 the point is, whoever's sends out the tweet is obviously gonna buy some himself but aside from that, the time it takes to send the tweet out, you read the tweet and then log in to fi to search the player, some people will have been watching the ticker and his price would've flown by then as a result and you're prob looking at buying within 40-50p of ipo price rather than 5-10p

  • @Ddr I see your point, however i can only go off experience of using them myself, if you check the feedback on some of the tweets you will see other glowing reports of speed, just letting everyone know, no ones forcing you to use it.

  • @Ericali is right. By the time the guy sees the IPO, writes a tweet, you see a notification, get onto the app/site and manage to find the player its already too late, especially if its a big IPO. The chances are there are at least 200 people (over 300k users so 200 is a fair amount: its probably more) faster than you simply by ticker watching or loading up the players profile. If they buy 200 each (a lot will be buying 300) thats 40,000 shares bought. Enough to raise a players price up by 44p at which point its too late to flip them.

  • I See how your theory works and how you've came to that conclusion, but as said above, you've not used this particular twitter page so your points aren't really as valid as somebody who has used it during in the last IPO, i am simply passing a recommendation to fellow FI users. because i have had a positive experience and now the post has been taken over by opinions of people that haven't used it and are simply spreading negativity probably because they've never had a cheap IPO purchase themselves and don't think its possible.

  • In fairness I have the IPO notifications on Twitter. I don't think it's main strength is to give you an edge in IPO purchasing. It's fastest finger first there. It's main strength for me is to provide a record of what time IPOs were released at and also it provides a record of IPO prices. That knowledge might come in one or two months down the line.

  • @Ddr @CJ0101 I'd be very surprised if the tweet was typed manually. More likely it's an automated crawler/bot which tweets once a result is returned. Could be split second depending on the connection.

    Still need to factor in human response time to the notification and opening the app, finding the player and buying though.

    Be interesting to test it.

  • @NewUser479270 0_1574119699145_A34CFA9E-50D1-4C42-BA20-DF0E5291AB21.jpeg

    Nope I’ve had decent successes getting on cheap IPO’s over the years thanks. I’m speaking as someone who has used slack and twitter as notifications over the last year and a bit and came to the conclusion that none of them are fast enough. I’m simply suggesting that, if you have the time, it would be faster just to watch the ticker or repeatedly refresh the players profiles like most flippers do. Cut out the middle man as it were. I will try this account for the next IPO though, happy to be proved wrong.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I used this guy for the last 2 days of the IPO he was pretty fast to be fair

  • I have used this alerts for last week's IPOs, but as someone said above in a few seconds the prices rocket. Useful but not great

  • How fast is super fast? What price did you get the above players at?

  • I managed to grab Fati for 3.03 and Camavinga for 2.39

  • I'ts difficult to gauge how fast the tweets actually are because we don't know the exact point that the players are released on the platform. I say "super quick" because it's the fastest I've personally seen free notifications for, there was another popular account that did them that was quite slow.

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