Talking Trading Tactics with PB Man - Email

  • Has anyone else just received this email?

    It really doesn’t sit right with me. FI now advising us on following ‘experienced’ traders on twitter. A trader that already has a history of moving player prices up and down with his port size and influence. I can’t understand what they are looking to gain from this?

  • Some of the stats in the email are clearly wrong too - there’s no way Neymar won 41p, Sterling 27p and Messi 19p of MB between 10th and 17th August 2019.

    I don’t think i’ll follow the advice of a so called expert when they can’t even get their basic statistics right.

  • @ocs123 all that MB in one week. Not only is it incorrect its impossible. I never got an email, not yet anyway

  • Got the email, this was the media dividends table they included. Utter rubbish!!


  • Hadn't realised this was for August until after sending a sarcastic email to FI about basic fact checking. Double checked and that week Neymar won 10p MB and Pogba won 5p and haven't checked the rest. Poor effort by FI, better off saying nothing.

  • PB Man lost all credibility for me a few days ago when he tried to talk down the value of Kroos. I mean, a self-proclaimed 'PB Man' claiming that the real PB Man/God isn't worth his price. And then, of course, admitted that he doesn't hold Kroos...

    He is entitled to promote his own agenda, but not sure why FI have decided to give him a platform.

  • I will ignore them just like the push notifications I used to get from FI (before I figured out how to turn them off) pumping a random player each day.

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