• Waking up in the middle of the night checking dividends and forum. Investing dividends at first opportunity.

    It's a great platform but does this mean it has taken hold of my soul. I can't be the only one in this position, please tell me I'm not!

  • @NewUser140034
    sounds like u need to get a misus or 1 of them inflatable dolls pal!

  • @CLACKETT I got both but football index is much the better lol

  • Maybe create a thread and talk about a subject that will get a reaction and you pulled to bits - that should slow down the need to log on and check stuff.

  • In modern life everyone has become so attached to mobile phone apps... And the fact, whilst it's rude and annoying and shouldn't be done... You can do stuff on your phone whilst participating in other engagements.

    I hate it but it's finally happened to me. A few years ago I'd moan at the wife for checking Facebook while we were watching a film after dinner or something... Now I'm one of them. I'll check footy index/forum whilst I'm at work, when in the car, on the train, in bed... Before take off and on landing when flying anywhere etc

    I think because of the ease of access and 24/7 nature of the beast tho it can't really be classified as an addiction. Addiction has some very objective traits to it... I. E. Stealing to feed the habit, losing personal relationships, losing your job, depression, lying to people all the time etc

    I've a very active mind so need to multi task a lot... I find it actually helps me do my job etc

  • @NewUser140034 I have to admit since I signed up for FI I have probably spent more time with FI related activities than I anticipated, I try to see it as a hobby rather than an addiction, agree completely with @Vespasian32 regarding addiction traits. how many addictions make you money? this has the potential to be the single most productive hobby ive ever taken up, providing I do my homework and don't get carried away, then im confident in the next few years the hard work will pay off.

  • My mate buys a top 10 once a month and does nothing more - every 6 months he sells up totally and then buys whatever the largest amount is, followed by the next etc...then a top 10 once a month again.

    He's now at his 9 month mark (today) has put £550 in (60 quid a month for the first 8 and then £70 this month as a top 10 is over £60 now).

    Including divs his portfolio balance is around £650, even if he sold to market his ROI is around the 15% mark ???(quick math, not 100% sure).

    And he's hooked on checking players every day etc......he's not lost a football bet in the last 9 months either!!!!

    As many have said before - its better than a bank account and he's keeping this method going....his plan is for this to pay for the World Cup on 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Millerman-again he will proper shit out if he plans to go to the world cup in 2024

  • @MUFC said in Addicted:

    @Millerman-again he will proper shit out if he plans to go to the world cup in 2024

    2026 lol

  • @Millerman-again "he's not lost a football bet in the last 9 months either!!!!"

    Tell me more? Has he bet on Liverpool to win at home only or something?

  • @NewUser275766 Noooooo, meaning he not had a bet at the bookies since joining FI, hasn't lost any coin.

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