The FI Advantages to Chelsea's Overpopulated Midfield

  • Right, clearly at the moment Jorginho 2.60 is the most valuable. His PB scores are off the charts. Regularly.
    And clearly, Kante .91 is first team when needed and yet as a defensive minded holding midfielder, he's never going to be FI magic.

    And then you have Mount 3.10, Kovacic 1.16, Barkley 1.29 and the returning Loftus-Cheek 2.64. Where the heart of the debate lies.

    When fit, you Frank essentially has these 4 vying it out for the one remaining spot next to Kante and Jorginho.

    Ross Barkley's early season form saw him as a shoo-in and he almost rose to the £2 mark, showed good form for England and was maybe beginning to look like the end product of a hyped 17 year old at Everton. He presses and always works hard, has a goal/assist in him and has the added bonus of being a bit of an idiot sometimes to attract that media bonus. Interestingly, Southgate seems to like him too.

    Mason Mount, the protege, is also down in price after an early season hype that got him to around the £4.10 mark. Quality player with a serious eye for goal in only his first season in the premier league, he's clearly been an amazing addition to the first team squad. He could pile drive his way into the England first team, though I think the Euros are coming just a bit too soon, he will probably be in the squad. Whatever price Frank Lampard would have been on the Index, I see Mount hitting those heights. Eye watering.

    Unlike the previous two, Mateo Kovacic had a quiet start to the season and has hit his peak price recently. Now a first team regular in the CL, clearly Frank likes and respects his talents. Can pick a pass and is tenacious in midfield and is the cheapest (bar Kante) in the middle of the park for Chelsea, first team for the Euros for Croatia, is he still the best value option? Whilst Chelsea are in Europe he's only going to rise.

    Then there's Ruben Loftus-Cheek, so much swagger, class, almost elegance. And yet more time on the treatment table than Darren Anderton in his prime. Can even play up front, and did so to great effect for Barry Sarri but where does he fit in? I don't think he can be left out when he returns but in wouldn't ruffle any feathers of the others because this boat is almost taking off right now.


    Who is the best value?

    Kovacic left Madrid for first team opportunities and would do so again. Loftus has threatened to leave in the past. Can you see Barkley sticking around if he's frozen out?

    Is Mount money on legs for a 3 year hold?

    Should we all just simply pile money into Jorginho?

    And, if you swap Kovacic for Oxlade-Chamberlain, which of these bad boys doesn't get a plane ticket from Heathrow to, well, Gatwick for the Euros?!

  • In short, definitely think Jorginho is probably the best purchase/value. Also think Mount, Barkley and the Ox will go to the Euro's, maybe RLC might be on the reserve list but don't think he'll go.

  • As you have already stated Jorginho is the best value which is added to by the single name. The best of the resr for me is Kovacic although i do think Mount looks good to i just feel Kovacic will nail down that spot and from an FI POV he scores big without the requirement of a goal. I actually think Jorginho and Kovacic are both great PB holds

  • Jorginho has just been added to my port, single name and penalty taker is a big bonus

  • I gather that Jorginho is the best value. I'd like to know if there is value in the rest of them, particularly the English boys.

  • Jorginho is one of my favorite holds

  • @Lukeroro I personally wouldn't buy RLC or Mount at their prices. Mount's form has dropped a bit since the start of the season and even then he wasn't posting that great PB scores. I quite like Barkley and I think he'll go the Euro's. Personally don't see the appeal of the Ox on FI at £2+, his base scores aren't particularly great so would need atleast a GWG to be in with a chance of PB. Would probably choose Kovacic out of all of them (excluding Jorginho) just because I could get almost 3 of him for 1 Mount, same point goes for Barkley too.

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