Tottenham sack Poch

  • With the funds he had at his disposal and they players he was working with, Poch did an incredible job at Spurs. I think Levy has taken the magic he worked for granted and I really don't know if another manager would be able to do any better without the endless amount of money that other clubs at that end of the table have!

  • As someone mentioned earlier, I can see Poch at at Bayern now.

    Allegri, Mourinho or Rodgers?

    Can't see the Ajax manager going but how about Nagelsmann or Eddie Howe? 🤔

  • @Rob-E 2-7 loss to Bayern, not Olympiakos. He'd be fired on the spot if that happened!

    Bring back tactics Tim I say!

  • @Rob-E Yeah shit results but harsh considering the lack of funds e.t.c. Personally think he shoukd have had the season to turn it round.

  • Madness! Hiring Mourinho would be a backwards step! Levy makes all the decisions, I can’t see Mourinho being happy with that and also money. Mourinho wouldn’t be happy with a budget of zero for the next few seasons whilst they pay for their new training ground/stadium

  • No support from top brass during summer and the non sale of so many dead weights has caused this.

    We desperately needed change during summer and kick on but we done nothing and Poch pays the price.

    Just don't know what to say🤨

  • @Will78 they have a much better squad tho than my supported united and ole has turned it around with average players and he is by no means a top manager himself

  • As a Spurs fan I actually don’t mind the idea of bringing in Mourinho. He would strengthen us at the back and we already plenty of talent in midfield and up front to do the rest.

  • @stumac85 ahh yes soz mate its been a long day haha i never seen a problem with sherwood myself harshly treated

  • @Rob-E Not sure they do have a much better squad. Both need additions and you back your managers in tranfer windows. Just paid massive fees for Mcguire & Wan Bisska. Who has Poch got? Llorente? lol

  • Poch literally made Spurs relevant, made people think Spurs could actually challenge for stuff...can’t believe they have let him go. He will 100% end up at a bigger club, think that says it all

  • @Rob-E I would agree Spurs have a better squad than Man U, but it has been allowed to go stale over a period of time with no quality added and players running down contracts (not a happy camp). I wouldn't say Ole has turned it around quite yet, recent results have improved but against mediocre opposition. They are still closer to relegation than the top four. Still a long way to go until I'm convinced.

  • @Will78 llorente has even gone so spurs could well be worse off your right haha

  • @MJC agree it has gone stale to be fair with players moaning and no contracts signed etc im still fearful of ole tbh because as clear as day it is that we need the likes of bruno fernandes tonali savic etc etc i just dread hes going down the league slooking for young talents which we dont need...experienced players we are crying out for

  • Real have steadied the ship recently but if ZZ does go at some point I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up there. Either that or utd but can't see their squad being any better than the spurs squad.

  • Potch to Emirates?

    I’d certainly take him in a heartbeat

  • As a Saints fan hahaha

  • Madness to get rid of him imo, Spurs don't like spending, will catch up and haunt them.

  • Kane to United next??

  • @Julian-Noble definitely and poch in summer

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