Brozovic and Verratti

  • Once upon a time these 2 were very popular on the forum. However, they've barely been mentioned over the last couple of months. Both on the slide price-wise too. Is this simply because they don't suit the new PB matrix?

    Neither are very prolific in terms of goals and assists but it looks like they've got decent passing stats in general. Worth looking at or a waste of money?

  • Personally think Brozovic has it hard PB wise now with Sensi and Barella in that team too. Verratti will be fine, he will win PB at some point in the near future

  • Think verrati has a small injury and him not playing for Italy has cost him the past couple of weeks. If he had a few goals in him then he would be at least a pound higher.

  • New matrix suits Verratti a lot. He had a small injury and didn't play much in the last 10 days.
    As soon as he will be fit (from next weekend) I expect some PB from him. Also I don't see much competition on PSG midfield.

  • Verratti suits the new PB matrix more than almost anyone in my opinion. His base PB scores seem to be between 160-180 this season. His only problem is that he's unlikely to score a goal for PSG so will struggle on a gold day but I think as the season goes on and we get to the final stages of champs league and also this summer at Euros he will become more and more valuable.

    With a base of around 180 he has a chance of winning every game if he just plays a slightly stronger game than normal or gets an assist. He's already has scores of 231 and 219 this season and 1 pb win.

    His price has dipped 40p from his peak for no other reason than he had one average PB game (when he got a slight injury).
    I topped up today

  • Verratti looks like he is back for PSG against Madrid tomorrow. Been included in the squad

  • @Ben_pz
    Excellent news. Was disappointed he didn't make it at the weekend. It'll be interesting to see his first PB score post-injury in a tricky away fixture.

  • Yeh they only need a draw so I expect them to be quite defensive so not expecting big things. Still he was excellent in the home fixture.

  • Still blows my mind that Verratti hasn't had a shot on target in 1.5 seasons! Just have a go son

  • @ChazFI123 Haha I actually find it quite impressive. My old coach for my saturday team was far better than anyone else playing so would never take a shot and rather pass it to someone else as it was too easy for him. In my mind thats Verratti

  • @ChazFI123
    That's an incredible stat! Imagine his PB scores if he actually shot/scored more than once every two seasons.

  • To be fair to him he averaged a massive (for him) 0.9 shots per game playing for Italy in the qualifiers. Even bagged 2 goals.

  • Just want to let the world know Verratti had a shot on target last night. Should be a national holiday

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