Sander Berge

  • Any ideas on this Norweigen wonderkid? Heavily linked by UTD, Chelsea and other European clubs. Price up 26% in 7 days currently @ £1.33

    Bit of research makes him look a bit tasty and he's a young pup!

    Looks like he's played in all of Norways Euro qualifiers too.

    What do we all think? I've lumped on a bit, tempted to double up but a bit nervous!

  • He was a data buy of mine ages ago, one I've never seen play. I still hold but have been tempted to cash in on recent rise.

    Have you seen him play? What sort of cm is he?

  • What's his PB prospects likely to be?

  • Defensive, Fabinho-type, giant frame, looks a natural fit for the English Prem. Type of player Arsenal could do with...

  • Looks like he's growing up fast. He was one of the first players I bought when I joined over 12 months ago and got him for £0.32 (or that's what his price worked out at after the share split).

    Sad thing is I found him on Football Manager, hailed as a wonder kid. Took some time but now starting to reflect that with his price increase and putting in some good performances

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