CHO...dropping fast

  • I hold, still in ok profit but lost a good chunk over the last couple of weeks. In the sell que for over a week now.
    Keep in the sell que or IS which would only give me 7p per share due to large spread?? And after 2% commission basically break even 🤦‍♂️

    Thoughts please?? As £100 could go well into someone else.


  • Even before the divs changes making PB king I dont honestly think CHO's price was ever built on the belief he would be a great PB player.

    Like greenwood, brewster and presumably other elite young players like sancho, mbappe, felix, VJ it was built on hype and the belief that these players were the next wave of elite players who as such, would be the bext wave of MB magnets.

    The MB changes have blown that presumption clean out of the water and are squashing the youth bubble. You get nowt for being a 'baller' in this game, and nowt for having potential. You need to be winning dividends and no matter who you are, you're not gonna dominate MB these days, so if you're much over a quid and you cant regularly challenge for PB you appear expensive.

    I'd still buy a young player with plenty of potential, but not at the prices of any of these young players I've named, not at half their price either

  • @MickTurbo yeah agreed totally but you haven't answered the question... 🤣


  • @gball1975 yeh I suppose I havent!

    How many do u hold? I dont think the new me could bring myself to pay that spread personally but then I seldom hold less than 200 of a player.

    If you hold say 30 odd or summit like that then I think my advice would possibly be to IS because I see plenty of quick flip opportunities in the next 2 months or so to more than make your money back.

    If you hold hundreds then I'd probably keep them listed and hope for a good performance to empty out the sell queue, or being less optimistic, just keep listed till christmas, at which point the sheer volume of EPL footy and lack of it elsewhere will quite possibly mean that they will eventually get bought.

    I'm in a similar position with 3 of my players. I want rid, and expect continued drops but dont want to pay big spreads and fully expect them to just sit there in the queue for weeks yet

  • @MickTurbo Dont have many st all to be honest.. most my players are 20-50 shares. And like you say, I know I could turn around the £100 else where over a couple of months be highly up again.

  • @gball1975 in that case I personally would be very tempted to IS and get an a cheap player who's got a logical rise coming

  • @MickTurbo Thought the same but just needed a little confirmation. Done, right then now just gotta decide where the money goes

  • FI promotion seemingly on the horizon. Market selling could well come back into fashion. Although Cho doesn't represent an attractive buy for me at present.Tricky one.

  • the time has come for me...ive watched Brewster gradually drop whilst sitting in my sell queue for weeks and CHO will just do the same. I now think CHO is 50/50 to make the euro squad which will masivley put people off that will affect his price, Pulisic form will also keep him out the chelsea team so atleast in the short team i cant see any positives. with Brewster the lack of game time and no Euro prospects will continue to stop his price rising (although he does seem to have levelled out a bit)...i can see CHO dropping to £3.50 quite easily over the next month. Relutantly instant sold both players this morning

  • @G27 think you have gone early on that one. Its your call but cho is a more established player then brewster so totally different circumstances. He just needs to get a run of games and he will be back

  • @AndydfopT Took my profits yesterday on him even at IS...was falling to quickly.

  • @gball1975 Yea he is on his way down rapidly to be fair, il ride it out tho

  • He’s dropped another 8p just this morning! This fall has been very rapid! Over £1 in a month

  • High priced youngsters looking very vulnerable right now.

  • Seems stuck behind Pulisic and Willian now so not getting game time at Chelsea, and the market reacted strongly to a poor performance for England.
    If he's not playing he's gonna keep dropping from there. He needs to get his place back in the Chelsea side to stop the drop.

  • @janner73 Pulisic out this weekend so hopefully CHO will start

  • I was actually looking at him yesterday on footy index scout. The only divs he ever won was via MB. His PB scores are pretty bad. The highest ever was 191 and an average of 56. I know averages should be consumed with care but combined with the current peckin order the price was just not justified at the moment

  • @HPcoys In that case a decent performance may at least stop the drop. He'll need to do well to get a rise as market is against him at the moment following the England game.

  • Pulisic doubtful for the weekend, hopefully get a start and turn things around

  • Does anyone actually rate him? I know he's a lad but I suspect there was a lot of fomo when he started shooting up last year. He needs a good string of performances to reverse his trajectory.

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