CHO...dropping fast

  • @AndydfopT Took my profits yesterday on him even at IS...was falling to quickly.

  • @gball1975 Yea he is on his way down rapidly to be fair, il ride it out tho

  • He’s dropped another 8p just this morning! This fall has been very rapid! Over £1 in a month

  • High priced youngsters looking very vulnerable right now.

  • Seems stuck behind Pulisic and Willian now so not getting game time at Chelsea, and the market reacted strongly to a poor performance for England.
    If he's not playing he's gonna keep dropping from there. He needs to get his place back in the Chelsea side to stop the drop.

  • @janner73 Pulisic out this weekend so hopefully CHO will start

  • I was actually looking at him yesterday on footy index scout. The only divs he ever won was via MB. His PB scores are pretty bad. The highest ever was 191 and an average of 56. I know averages should be consumed with care but combined with the current peckin order the price was just not justified at the moment

  • @HPcoys In that case a decent performance may at least stop the drop. He'll need to do well to get a rise as market is against him at the moment following the England game.

  • Pulisic doubtful for the weekend, hopefully get a start and turn things around

  • Does anyone actually rate him? I know he's a lad but I suspect there was a lot of fomo when he started shooting up last year. He needs a good string of performances to reverse his trajectory.

  • @NewUser296743 I've held him twice now. Sold straight away when he got injured end of last season for good profit. Jumped back on the big dip and sold again a few days ago after the England game (just about broke even thankfully). I rate him and so do others @ Chelsea and other big clubs out there, just need to look at all the German transfer spec last summer even while being injured. His PB isn't great as @Antierror has mentioned above. Pulisic will always be ahead of him unless they can play them both on either wing once William goes. But if Sancho comes across the channel with Chelsea highly interested, then who knows what could happen to him. This of course is all just my opinion.

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