Jose Mourinho Confirmed As Spurs New Manager

  • @ChazFI123 he manages abroad now. Saw something about 5 wins out of 5 in Dubai or somewhere lol

  • @ScouseSte said in Jose Mourinho Confirmed As Spurs New Manager:

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    I was actually thinking mourinho will probably climb right up winks' arse. They've all risen now like so again I'll be sitting it out. Another example of why I should always keep a decent cash balance. I will definitely be doing in future because I'm a bit pissed off with being able to predict the biggest risers out of an event like this but being unable to benefit from it

    Don't beat yourself up Mick - you have a strategy in place. Don't let FOMO make you delve into something you wouldn't ordinarily do.

    The way I see it, I ask myself "are all these spurs players going to suddenly win PB now that Jose is in charge?" No, so some of these initial rises will inevitably lead to falls right back down. This is a mass gamble, and the only guaranteed winners are the ones who already held or who got in early doors (a bit like IPOs! 😢).

    A lot of these rises are based on potential Mourinho spats with his players for media stories, but we know the current state of play regarding MB opportunities right now.

    Kane has probably been slightly undervalued for a little while now so that's one of the more justifiable rises, in my opinion.

    Wait till Friday when the regular PB games are back on and you'll forget all about this "missed opportunity" mate 👍

    Absolutely right all of that 👍

  • Any reason that Dele Alli is rising after the Jose news? Sorry haven't read whole thread I'd mentioned...

  • @Abaalan He's a hothead and been playing under par lately, most likely Spurs player to have a spat with Maureen and maybe most likely player to improve on the pitch also.

  • @Abaalan he's probably the Spurs players who's closest to the 'Pogba' mould, can be lazy and have attitude problems.

  • @Abaalan said in Jose Mourinho Confirmed As Spurs New Manager:

    Any reason that Dele Alli is rising after the Jose news? Sorry haven't read whole thread I'd mentioned...

    He’s risen 20p!

  • Any idea why the rise in Eric Dier? Bang average and a massive square head to boot.

  • @Will78 Mourinho likes Dier, said that often in the past so may make his way back in the starting 11.

  • He said he wants to work with youth and is one of the most important things to him. Can see Parrott flying when he gets played soon.

  • @gball1975 Fair play 👍

  • Bit of profit taking on the Spurs players that rose today. Sky Sports have an hour special on Mourinho. That's why prices have risen. MB gold With Bale doing a massive F Off with that flag nothing would surprise me now if he turns up a Tottenham.

  • @LittleFish Just been watching the ESPN Stevie Nicol & co reacting to Bales flag antics, what was he thinking?! its either hilariously brave or plain stupid, I cant decide which!

  • @Ole-ole I think he's got a move lined up. That flag was a huge middle finger to all those Spanish fans who have slagged him off. It's going to win 3p a future for holders tonight anyway.

  • Matic to Spurs is a frightening thought😟

  • @Gazz127 not for a united fan!!

  • I say fair play to bale myself. Nice to see a player make an actual statement. If jose does give youth a chance I've got one up my sleeve who I might make my next divs player

  • @MickTurbo prob not the obv choice of parrott...
    Skipp maybe?

  • @MickTurbo KWP would be my guess but don’t feel like you have to confirm/deny if you wanna keep him up that sleeve of yours. Just checked KWP’s age after posting this, he’s older than Foyth?! Blimey

  • @ChazFI123 it's not actually. I was gonna buy a load of him at the start of the summer at 40p but decided not to, then I watched him more or less treble in price so he is now a name that does not get mentioned here at turbo towers 😂

    Ah fuck it it's an absolute punt anyway and I really dont think I'm that influential to cause him to rocket so what will be will be, but I'm talking about Oliver skipp

  • @MickTurbo skipps an interesting one as he seems to be one of the only Spurs players that hasn’t had the ‘Jose bounce’. At least with him it’s more a question of if he’ll play, rather than will his position/style suit PB. Whereas with someone like Dier, doesn’t matter who’s in charge I don’t think he’ll be returning any dividends! I’m really hoping José goes rogue and goes down his ‘us against the world tactic’ 😂

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